Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Headed to NBC and MSNBC

John Brennan is 62 and was the head of the CIA from March 2013 to January 2017 and served as chief counterterrorism adviser to former U.S. President Barack Obama.

On Friday news broke that Former CIA Director John Brennan was signed on to be a talking head on NBC and also MSNBC.

He will be serving as the senior national security and as a intelligence analyst for the networks and made his first official appearance on NBC News’s “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd last Sunday.

Brennan’s appointment comes amid the outcry over the release by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-California) alleging impropriety by the FBI and DOJ while investigating claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Also Brennan previously lied to an NBC journalist about the CIA’s attempts to thwart the Senate Intelligence Committees investigation into the agency’s use of torture was apparently no deterrent to his appointment. But this couldn’t possibly lead to pushing state propaganda to endorse wars easier, at least thats what they want you to think.

The Intercept co-founder Glen Greenwald saw what was happening and took a shot at NBC via Twitter. Stating how its funny that NBC is always attacking State TV, yet continues to look like a state propaganda outlet. See the Tweet below:

Once a controversial thought, the presence of former military and intelligence officials in newsrooms has become more of a trend.

In 2008, the New York Times wrote an investigative analysis outlining the George W. Bush administration’s use of military analysts to shape terrorism coverage.

The Pentagon documents referred to them as “message force multipliers” or “surrogates” who could be counted on to deliver administration “themes and messages” to millions of Americans “in the form of their own opinions.”

The largest contingent of analysts were affiliated with Fox News, followed by NBC and CNN, the investigation found.

Its almost as if the American population has forgotten about what the Pentagon Papers revealed when the New York Tims first released a report back in 2008.

Analysts have been wooed. And swayed in hundreds of private briefings with senior military advisers, including officials with significant influence over contracting and budget matters, the records have shown.

They were taken on tours of Iraq and given access to classified intelligence. They have been briefed by officials from the White House, State Department and Justice Department, including Mr. Cheney, Alberto R. Gonzales and Stephen J. Hadley.

The members of this group in return have echoed the administrations talking points, sometimes even when they suspected the information was false or over inflated.

Some analysts acknowledged that they suppressed doubts because they feared jeopardizing their access to the classified information.

A few have expressed their regret for participating in what they regarded as an effort to trick the American public with propaganda dressed as independent military analysis.

To learn more about how the government has relied on state propaganda, read my piece “The Elites wrote history, now they’re after freedom of speech”.

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