United States set to spend $45 billion on war in Afghanistan in 2018

On Tuesday top Senate officials were told by the Defense Departments top Asia official that in total, the United States will spend $45 billion alone one was in Afghanistan this year.

A report by The Hill says Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) complained that billions are “just being thrown down a hatch in Afghanistan,” and the Afghans still “don’t seem to be able to defend themselves.”

“I think there’s an argument to be made that our national security is actually made more perilous the more we spend and the longer we stay there. … We’re in an impossible situation, I just don’t think there is a military solution.”

In August President Donald Trump said that he would be sending more troops into Afghanistan. Stating that it would be in effort to help train and advise more of the countries fighters. While the plan has no specified end date, it has also increased the number of forces in the country from 8,400 to 14,000.

Last week in a NBC reported that Afghanistan has as many as 60,000 Taliban fighters. Pentagon officials have pushed back on those numbers.

Joint Staff Director Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told reporters at the Pentagon:

“I’d say around 60 percent of the country is controlled by the government, a fraction of it is contested and about 10 or 15 percent is possibly Taliban controlled, I think we can chase numbers and say it’s 9,000 or it’s 15,000 all day but I don’t think it’s actually a terribly useful metric.”

In 2016, the U.S. military spending amounted to $611 billion. The United States is leading the world ranking in military spending by far, with China on second place with military spending of about $215 billion. The war on terror has made our military a booming business. The War on Terror is a military campaign that was launched by the Bush administration in response to the al-Qaida 9/11 terrorist attacks. The War on Terror includes the Afghanistan War and the War in Iraq(due to WOMD that were never found). It added $2 trillion to the debt as of the FY 2018 budget.

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Patrick Vinson

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