Koch brothers set sites on Arizona schools to push for a voucher system

Last month Arizona state Governor Doug Ducey attended a Koch event in California with a network of their donors. The Koch-funded Libre Initiative has launched an education program in Arizona, including making a school-choice video with local moms.

What are vouchers and how are they used?

Vouchers use taxpayer money to help children offset expenses to enroll in private or parochial schools, instead of attending free district or charter schools.

Last year, Save Our Schools gathered enough petition signatures to stop a voucher expansion law from going into effect in Arizona and to put the issue to a statewide vote in November 2018. Save Our Schools is a grassroots organization that is leading the fight against the expansion of the voucher system.

School vouchers are better known as Empowerment Scholarship Accounts in the state of Arizona . There are currently, approximately 4,000 students that receive the scholarships, but they must have special needs or attend a failing school to qualify.

The proposed expansion would cap scholarships at 30,000 kids, and all K-12 students would eligible after the set phase-in period.

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Patrick Vinson

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