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Today, February 11th, in The Latest – Your Berning Week we cover the biggest stories including North-South Korean relations, ramifications of Donald Trump’s words and behavior, Congress’ dance of shutdowns, Democrats’ lack of vision, DACA and the American Dream, and some domestic issues. You can read the full articles to find more information on the Berning Media Network homepage.


Monday, February 5th

  • Israel makes announcement that they will be working to push out all African migrants that have found their way into the country.
  • Israel began sending out notices of deportation to migrants specifically from Sudan and Eritrea.

This seems to be a decision coming out of some piece of fiction, where all of a sudden the country you were about to call home decided that you and all your people have to get out. Israel, however, is not shy on making controversial and morally questionable acts, such as their continuous war with Palestine and the oppression of the free press within its borders.

The war against ISIS in the Middle East has triggered a lot of migration over the past few years, and Israel has every right to make its own decisions on how to handle such a large flow of immigration. These are people who are fleeing their native countries for a reason. It’s not to cast a burden on you or Israel, it’s so they can do more than survive. So they can live. Accommodations should be made, negotiations with other neighboring countries, a compromise and a plan on how to help these people. After all, Israel has had a role in fueling much of these conflicts in the region.


Tuesday, February 6th

  • The birth rate in the United States has been on a steady decline, what’s the reason? Climate change could be one of those factors that branches out into smaller causes that has been affecting us.
  • Global temperatures have been increasing, with the five hottest years recorded being in the past decade. 2017 was so far the hottest.


Each year is hotter than the previous, is that something to take note of? Yes, it is. Climate change isn’t something you either believe in or don’t, it’s more about understanding science. It isn’t some religion, it isn’t a mystic legend, it is reality. The planet is going through changes; stronger storms, colder winters, hotter summers, etc. because of human activity.

In December 1952, London had seen some of the worst fog ever recorded. Then Prime Minister Winston Churchill called it an act of god, saying sometimes the sun shines and sometimes it doesn’t. The fog got worse as the days went on, which lasted for five days total. Now, back then, industry ran on burning coal, and the Prime Minister would not shut down the coal plants. When he saw it wasn’t getting any better, he eventually did, and what happened? Is London still drenched in a toxic fog? No.

We need to make choices now so that things don’t get so horrible down the road, for our children, their children, and so on. It just boggles my mind on how we as humans have to wait until the worst possible moment to take action on something. Fog begins to kill people, then we close the coal power plants. 58 people die from shooting in Las Vegas, then we talk about banning just parts of assault weapons (bump-stock ban introduced in Congress but failed). It’s a trend that needs to be stopped. People shouldn’t have to die or get hurt for you to suddenly realize action needs to be taken.


Wednesday, February 7th

  • House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks for just over eight hours on House floor, urging House Speaker Paul Ryan allow a debate on DACA, to include it in the budget bill.
  • The Senate had passed its own version of the Senate bill, but DACA wasn’t included in it.


In the House of Representatives, the budget bill passed 240 – 186, 73 of which were Democrats. Do the math, if those 73 Democrats voted against it, it would’ve stopped the budget bill. It would have been 167 for the bill, and 259 against. I understand we have some moderate Democrats, and some Democrats that don’t want to be blamed for shutting down the government, but they surely lost some dignity. To them, and most Republicans, it became “us vs. them”, Americans vs. immigrants. If the argument boils down to that reason, you’ve failed as a member of Congress, and as an American entirely.

We as a nation fail at our goal of promoting the American dream when we cast aside people who are trying to make a life for themselves and their family here, just like most of our grandparents and ancestors have done. These are people who grew up in this nation only know the United States as their home, there’s no need to strip away their protection, no need to tell them to leave, and absolutely no need to deny them their dreams.

The last point I’d like to make on this subject is that the budget bill also includes a provision raising the debt ceiling and military budget. You can check the live debt clock at and see our national debt clocking in at $20.6 trillion. As mentioned the budget bill increases domestic and military spending by about $300 billion, distributed between non-defense and the Pentagon. Are we currently under attack? Is our army severely depleted of soldiers? No and no. Of course, the United States needs a strong military, but we do not need one with a budget that exceeds the next six nations’. It’s time to focus on reducing our debt, and spending tax-payer money on the tax-payers; infrastructure, health care, education, environmental conservation, etc.


Thursday, February 8th

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on charges of corruption, including bribery.
  • According to “Netanyahu to Face Indictment for Corruption Charges” by Patrick Vinson, Israeli police authorities, such as the General Commissioner of Israel’s police force, recommended the indictment on the Prime Minister due to accepting bribes in the form of campaign contributions.


Israel has been in the media spotlight recently, with their entangling mess with Palestine and clashes with free press, and it’s good to see their chief executive being held accountable. The problems going on in Israel won’t disappear just because one man might be removed from office, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Friday, February 9th

  • US government shuts down for a second time in 2018 due to the Senate vote on the budget bill being held up by Senator Rand Paul. In order to commence a vote, the Senate needs a unanimous agreement to table the debate, and one man thought he could bring the entire government to a screeching halt.
  • The shutdown only lasted a few hours as eventually the Senate passed the budget bill in the early hours of the morning.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren was one of the few Democrats that didn’t vote for it, stating it was geared towards helping working people yet it completely left out provisions to protect DACA recipients. Some of the others who didn’t vote for it were Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand (the usual 2020 Democratic presidential contenders).


Saturday, February 10th

  • The past year, 2017, has seen a large increase in the number of immigration arrests, about 30%.
  • Berning Media article titled “Immigration Arrests up by 30% New Report Finds” gives details on a following report done by the Pew Research Center. “Pew Research Center, a think-tank, said on Thursday that a total of 143,470 people were held by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials last year – up 30 percent compared with 2016. ‘The surge began after President Donald Trump took office in late January [2017],’ the Centre, which analysed ICE statistics on administrative arrests, said in a statement.”


Donald Trump’s idea of “bringing back law and order” isn’t a totally baseless claim, and seems to be taking an effect on law enforcement. His plans on re-securing our borders has been met with substantial approval from his own supporters and many Republicans. Many would argue on how they should go about doing so, but his bluntness is appreciated by conservatives, some who have been hiding their resentment of our immigration system for quite some time.

Could it be that Trump’s unapologetic and erratic word choice and behavior are helping us keep control on criminal activity linked with illegal immigration? Maybe it is, and just like with everything else political in this country, most people can only deal with extremes. People are being arrested, yet the way to truly solve illegal immigration is to remove protections from kids who grew up here by were brought over illegally. We don’t have enough money for the government, so we’re going to cut Social Security and the corporate tax rate down to 20%. See what I’m talking about?


Sunday, February 11th

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent his sister, Kim Yo Jong to South Korea to personally invite South Korean President Moon Jae-In to Pyongyang.
  • This is the first meeting in over a decade, and could signal the beginning of the end of a multi-decade long hatred between the two countries. As reported in an article on Berning Media Network, “Kim Jong Un Invites South Korean President to Meet in Pyongyang” the two countries are participating in the Winter Olympics under the same flag.

Where’s Donald Trump now? Where’s the man who said diplomacy wasn’t working, and that only military intervention could solve the issue of North Korea’s radical behavior and actions? The biggest thing to be aware about is that North Korea wants attention. Kim Jong Un wants to be recognized as a legitimate leader, leading a legitimately powerful country. Throughout recent history, the way to achieve that status of international prestige is to obtain nuclear weapons. However, Kim Jong Un may be realizing that acting erratically and spontaneously is not the way to proceed with being recognized at the table. And who knows, he probably doesn’t want to be associated with Donald Trump, and had a change of heart. This is something to keep a close eye on, especially since we have an overly emotional man as commander-in-chief.



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