Donald Trump in talks about a minimum age requirement for rifles

According to reports Donald Trump is reportedly talking about the potential of implementing a new minimum age of 21 to buy guns similar to the weapon used last week in the deadly Florida high school shooting.

Axios first reported that President Donald Trump has said to associates that he doesn’t believe high school students should be able to purchase guns.

Currently federal law in America has a minimum age of 18 for purchases of rifles or shotguns from licensed dealers and of 21 for handguns. Federal law also says, however, that unlicensed people, such as a friend who is making a one-off sale, can sell rifles or shotguns to those of any age and can sell handguns to those over age 18. States are allowed to make further restrictions.

Handguns are thought to be a higher security risk because they are easily concealed, even though rifles like the AR-15 are more capable in terms of range and ammunition capacity.

According to a source cited from within the White House, Donald Trump has said he would consider imposing an age requirement of 21 for people to buy guns like the AR-15 used in the recent mass shootings.

During the White House press briefing on Tuesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked whether Trump believes there should be an age limit for people who buy an AR-15.

“I think that’s certainly something that’s on the table for us to discuss, and that we expect to come up over the next couple of weeks,” she said.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Donald Trump said he has directed the DoJ to propose regulations that would ban bump stocks, which was used in the Las Vegas Shooting, devices that allow semi-automatic guns to be modified to shoot hundreds of rounds more rapidly.

Since last weeks school shooting the cry for gun control has echoed across the country with people contacting their legislators, staging school walk outs and in March there has been a march on Washington planned. Will the cries be louder than the NRA lobbyists, that is the question.

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