Florida House rules Pornography a Public Health Risk after voting against banning Assault Rifles in front of Students

Six days after the school shooting in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, which left 17 people dead, students from in attendance this evening were been told that pornography is a more pressing public health risk than guns. Many student survivors from Stoneman High who had travelled to the state capital to lobby their legislators for stronger gun controls were reportedly in the House gallery overlooking the chamber during their vote.

Prior to classifying pornography as a public health risk, the Florida House voted 36-71 against a motion to consider legislation to outlaw assault rifles and large capacity magazines, effectively killing the bill for the time-being, according to the Associated Press.

After voting against bringing an assault weapons ban to the House floor Tuesday evening, Republicans in the Florida House of Representatives moved on to a proposal to label pornography a “public health risk”. The measure was passed by a voice vote. The pornography bill was sponsored by Republican Rep Ross Spano, who is currently running to become the state’s Attorney General.

Following the shooting in Parkland, students began speaking up, condemning politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association as putting their lives at risk. They have also organized a march on Washington called “March for our lives” which has spread across to other states and will take place March 24th.

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Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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