Bernie, 2020, the DNC, and Russia

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Giovanni LoPiccolo

This past month, February 2018, special counsel and investigator of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election, Robert Mueller, announced the indictment of 13 individuals who participated in said “meddling”. Mueller isn’t only investigating election meddling, but also possibilities of money laundering between the Trump family, Trump campaign, and Russia. The “Russia hacking the election” narrative seems to be a selling point in the Democratic Party’s core message during the Trump Era. It’s an excuse, for poor behavior and actions by most Democrats. And one of the most honest and progressive leaders has hopped on that bandwagon.

Bernie Sanders has joined the chorus of establishment Democrats that Russia has been meddling in the election, and who knows; they could have, but it’s unlikely. The internet is full of twisted and horrible trolls/haters that say horrid things of almost anybody. That’s social media. But, why did Bernie join in on supporting this election hacking excuse? Well, it has to do with the next Presidential election.

It is almost certain that in 2020, Bernie Sanders will be one of the Democratic candidates for President. Bernie was smart not to run as independent in 2016 because he knew his message wouldn’t have spread as far as it did, and wouldn’t have gotten much coverage. Now, Bernie is taking careful steps in remaining in good graces with the DNC. The Democratic National Committee is filled with establishment, corporate-backed, lobbyists, and politicians. They are still in control of the primaries, and if Bernie wants to win the nomination, he can’t be 100% rogue.

A few months ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a CNN interview that she believes the DNC primaries were rigged to favor Hillary Clinton. Then, she back-tracked on that statement. Why? Because she’s trying to stay in the DNC’s good graces as well. Obviously, the way to reform the Democratic Party, at this point, is to become its leader. The only way to be the true, de facto, leader of a party is to be the President, which you’ve won the nomination from.

When you run for President, you have to please a lot of people if you want their support and help. You can’t make demands and expect somebody’s unwavering loyalty. It’s about making bargains, cutting deals, giving something to get something in return (something Trump doesn’t understand). Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren aren’t sellouts. Some claim that because they endorsed Hillary in 2016 after the primaries makes them untrustworthy and sellouts. No, they just don’t want to be excommunicated by the Democratic Party. These corrupt political factions have the power to end a politician’s career. In order to end the corruption, end the establishment, and end the two-party system… you must beat them at their own game.





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