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This week saw the rise of possible solutions, proposals, and answers to mass shootings; including Donald Trump’s personal goal with gun control, the NRA, and even back to the Russia narrative. We look at Bernie Sanders’ personal views on the meddling, and why he would join the establishment Democrats in supporting the hacking narrative. You can read the full articles for more information on the Berning Media Network homepage.


Monday, February 19th

  • A week after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, Donald Trump announces his interest in improving FBI background checks for gun owners. He had previously stated that the issue could be solved by looking at mental health. The full details can be found in an article written by Patrick Vinson, Trump Looks at Improving FBI Background Checks for Gun Owners.

Donald Trump ran a campaign on being a populist; wanting everybody covered on health insurance, not touching Social Security, etc. yet upon being sworn in, he has proven himself to be everything but. He is a reactionary, backwards-thinking, conservative with a clear relationship with the National Rifle Association, and much of his base are Second Amendment fanatics. So, what is he doing?

Donald Trump wants good coverage. He’s an idiot, but managed to realize he’s not getting anything done. He will be the end of the Reagan/Republican Regime of Presidents, where since Reagan we’ve had more Republican Presidents than Democrats, and their moderate-conservative ideologies are beginning to fail. Donald Trump doesn’t want to be like the Presidents before him, he obviously wants to do better. And what better way for a conservative to make history? Expand background checks and implementing more gun control.


Tuesday, February 20th

  • Donald Trump continues to turn the wheel to the left, showing vivid interest in banning bump stocks. Bump stocks are a part of assault weapons that allow them to shoot rapidly, which is what helped the Las Vegas shooter kill over 50 people and injure more than a 100.

This decision was made along the same lines as to why he wants more background checks. Donald Trump wants good headlines, and it’s surprising how he’s willing to take heat from many of his supporters on this issue. Or, what would make more sense is that he’s trying to woo Democrats, so they can stop obstructing his entire government. (It amazes and also worries me how a majority party can still get so little done when it controls all three branches of government… but we also have to remember Republicans are in the minority nationwide. 65+ million people voted against Trump in 2016).


Wednesday, February 21st

  • Florida’s State legislature voted on whether to ban assault weapons, with their audience composing of students from Parkland who witnessed the shooting. The state legislature voted it down, 36 in favor to 71 against.
  • Bernie Sanders states the Clinton Campaign should have done more to combat the Russian “bots” and “hackers” during election.


One of the biggest issues we face today, when talking about gun control, is how the government paints that entire subject. Conservative politicians and “Second Amendment believers” say that gun control means losing all your guns, and the beginning of the end of the Constitution. First, being an American means you’re a believer in the Constitution, not just one of its Amendments. Second, gun control has never been about taking away all your guns. If it was, it would be called gun eradication. It’s about placing sensible and reasonable restrictions. Hunting is a sport to many, there is no intent by Democrats or moderate Republicans to take away your hunting rifle or permit. Our goal, is to make sure you don’t have a gun that’s meant to mow down people in seconds.

In respect to the Russian hacking narrative, Hillary Clinton should have done more to combat the hackers, give more speeches perhaps on the issue, maybe even request then-President Obama look into the issue. However, she lost because she wasn’t the right candidate. But, in reality, Hillary Clinton didn’t do much about it because it obviously wasn’t a serious threat. There are millions of trolls on the internet, and Hillary Clinton is aware of that. She’s been taking heat from millions her entire political career, and even when she was First Lady. When she saw it could be another “factor” to her losing the election, of course she was ready to use it.


You can read more about my views on this issue in a recent article I wrote; Bernie, 2020, the DNC, and Russia.


Thursday, February 22nd

  • In an article on our site titled, Health Experts Warn Most Mass Shootings Aren’t Carried Out by Mentally Ill, we see a study done (in 2015) by the American Journal of Psychiatry that only 3% to 5% of mass shooting killers have mental health related issues.

Mental health is the first line of defense for many Republicans in why mass shootings happen. Yes, the people who commit these atrocities aren’t normal, but they don’t necessarily have to be diagnosed with something to explain why the shooting happened. Someone had written on Twitter, if your kid hits another kid with a stick, what do you do? A. Let your kid keep the stick; B. Give all the other kids sticks; or C. Take away the stick?

So, yes the mentally ill should not have access to assault weapons, or any guns for that matter. When people get in car accidents, we don’t assume that the driver who caused the crash was mentally ill, or delve into their medical history. We put more priority in making cars safer. At this point, it’s common sense.


Friday, February 23rd

  • Companies, both small and large, begin cutting ties with the National Rifle Association (which has stated that there shouldn’t be any further gun control measures).

This is just the beginning of the end of the NRA’s shadowy yet monumental influence in our country. The NRA’s hands are stained with the blood of  victims they allowed to die due to gun violence. At this point, the NRA is okay with letting people die in order to “preserve” our Second Amendment. They believe it is a price we must pay, which is complete B.S..

When the public sector denounces and condemns an organization, the government will soon follow (hopefully). Soon enough, the NRA will have strong negative connotations that it will be toxic for sensible and smart politicians to be associated with.


Saturday, February 24th

  • 19 Republicans in the House of Representatives call on Speaker Paul Ryan to propose stricter background checks for gun ownership.

What we are witnessing right now is another moment in American history where public opinion really decides what the government legislates. As we saw in 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage for all 50 states. The Supreme Court was in a conservative majority, as it still is today, and ruled on a topic that is rather liberal and progressive. Correction: it’s not a liberal belief; it’s a human right, to decide who you love and solidify it with marriage. So, what we could be seeing is another one of those moments where the public’s outrage for mass shootings is enough to push lawmakers to do the right thing (first for many).













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