Corporate Democrat Diane Feinstein Loses California Democratic Party endorsement

Diane Feinstein being one of the most known faces in California Politics, but on Sunday Senator Feinstein failed to get her state party’s endorsement. She has been in Senate since 1992 and has recently came under fire from the progressives in the Democratic party.

In convention balloting results released Sunday State Sen. Kevin de Leon lead Feinstein 54% to 37%, according the California Democratic Party. Neither candidate met the threshold of 60% , which required for the party’s endorsement.

These recent numbers continue to show the push for the Democratic party to go further left instead of center like the party has been heading to gain more votes. Feinstein has always been a little to the right of where the party’s activists are.

Now, in her final campaign, Feinstein is once again at odds with progressives in the party, despite her efforts to move left by more strongly opposing President Donald Trump’s agenda.

A recent move by Feinstein that could have pushed away her voters could be when she said that the Senate Appropriations Committee, which she currently sits on, would never approve $25 billion for Trump’s wall along the Mexico border. But just minutes later, de León’s team sent texts noting that Feinstein had just voted for exactly that as part of the “Common Sense Coalition” immigration plan that failed to get through the Senate.

This bill would not only have provided a path to citizenship for so-called Dreamers, people in the U.S. illegally who were brought here as children, but it also included $25 billion for the wall.

So its another repeat of the public and private opinions by an elected official. The easy way to avoid this happening is to not vote people in who are paid to have two views.

Her opponent made it very clear at the states convention, that they won’t have to wonder or dig to find out where he stands. de León reminded the crowd that his opponent hasn’t always been a reliable liberal. “Democrats, you’ll never have to guess where I stand,” de León said before noting that he has championed issues such as raising the minimum wage, single-payer health care and the environment.

He also noted that Feinstein once urged Democrats to rally around Donald Trump, and said that she believed he could be “a good president” if he was willing to “learn and change.” “I’m running for US Senate because the days of Democrats biding our time, biding our talk, are over,” de León said. “Leadership comes from human audacity, not from congressional seniority.”

It will be an uphill battle for de León since he failed to get the parties endorsement, but it should shone light on the rest of the Democratic party that people are done supporting career politicians that continue to have two sides.

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Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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