State Department launches $40 million initiative to crack down on foreign propaganda and disinformation

On Monday the State Department announced that a deal had been signed with the Pentagon to move $40 million from the Defense Department’s coffers to bolster the Global Engagement Center. The effort was ordered by Congress last summer in response to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and to counter Russian efforts to impact U.S. politics that continue to this day, but was awaiting funding from the Defense Department.

The new money that was transferred will be used, in part, to supply grants to civil society groups, media providers, academic institutions, private companies and other organizations that are working on projects to counter disinformation for the United States government.

The department said that it also plans to award an initial $5 million in grants from the so-called Information Access Fund. This fund will receive $1 million in initial seed money from the State Department’s public diplomacy coffers in order to get off the ground quickly, the department said.

The State Department’s first step to combatting Russia’s information operations is essentially to crowdsource how to do it. The Kremlin reportedly uses a range of methods, ranging from publishing inaccurate or misleading articles to employing people to create fake and automated social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media to sow confusion and discord in the U.S.

The U.S. intelligence community has publicly accused Russia of using cyberattacks and disinformation to interfere in the 2016 presidential election to sow discord, damage former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and help elect now-President Trump.

All the evidence available at the time shows no signs that the online information being pushed could have swayed our election. They claim that these bots and pages were pushing anti-Hillary propaganda when so was the rest of the actual American population who opposed her establishment politics.

This hunt for other countries interfering in our elections while the CIA and friends topple regimes that stand in the way of United States policies. This has became a new red scare and they’re using the excuse of online Russian interference to suppress independent voices.

The Russia gate story didn’t start until after the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, and claimed she new about it and warned Sanders. Yet his campaign has stated that he was told very little on the matter and has sense publicly said the HRC campaign should have shared more details while campaigning.

But they didn’t, because Hillary Clinton thought she had the election in the bag so much that she skipped needed states to win the election. So what happens when you lose because you don’t understand the electoral college, you blame the Russians.

The revelation has gripped Washington for more than a year now, as Mueller presses forward with his investigation into Russian interference and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

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Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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