Social Media platforms see a new competitor, Vero

Theres a new but not so new app taking over social media and thats Vero. Vero was originally released back in 2015, but has spiked on Apple’s App Store, jumping to the top trending spot and becoming a phenomenon out of virtually nowhere.

Apple says the spike started around February 18th after members of the Cosplay and Tattoo community joined and pushed for the app after recent algorithm changes on Facebook and Instagram that has suppressed and deleted their posts. So far, the app has been downloaded more then 500,000 times, according to the Google Play Store. Numbers for iOS downloads aren’t available.

Vero’s feed is built around what your connections post and isn’t manipulated with algorithms, meaning you’ll get a true view of what your friends are posting. But it also means that if you have one friend who happens to be a particularly prolific poster, and we all know one, they’ll likely eat up your entire feed.

With the recent activity in the app Vero and friends were thrown off by the demand in the application. The only errors people are currently experiencing are server issues due to increased downloads. But all things have their bugs at the start and Vero should be given the chances to flourish as a new platform for independent voices.

If you’re tired of the advertising on social media, thats no worry over on Vero. Vero is a subscription based application. The company has said that the first million users will be able to sign up for free, and will be releasing information about pricing within the upcoming weeks.

Vero also allows you to categorize your friends into different categories: Close Friend, Friend and Acquaintance. Vero says that this allows users to better customize which audiences can see their posts.

So say if you don’t want your acquaintances seeing photos of you partying last weekend, then you can simply set the privacy to ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Friends’. Your connections won’t see how you categorize them however, so theres no worry on offending anyone.

Another thing people worry about online is privacy. Facebook takes a lot of information and really doesn’t say why or where it goes. The company is also very open with the kind of personal information it collects and why.

Vero users can create posts ranging from photos, links and music, to movies and TV shows, books and places. You can also create collections of those items based on what you follow.

Many social media sites have popped up and been trendy for a bit and then disappears to the bottom of the app stores. The question is, will people who voice frustration with current socialism media networks support the switch and deactivate their Facebook accounts.

Only time will tell us that answer.

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Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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