Illinois Ash Pits leak BMN investigation fundraiser

A new report shows that toxic waste from coal ash pits in southern Illinois is leaking into the Vermilion River, Illinois most scenic & traveled river. These pits are from a now-closed Power Station that was owned by Dynegy Inc.

Back in January Prairie Rivers Network announced, citing problems documented in the Houston-based company’s own internal reports, that it plans to file a suit against Dynegy for repeatedly violating an Obama-era regulation, the Clean Water Act. The group said it decided to challenge the company on its own because federal and state regulators have failed to address well-known hazards at the shuttered plant near Oakwood, about 25 miles east of Urbana.

We hope to get on the ground coverage and water samples from the river and surrounding water supplies connecting to the river. To learn more about the situation visit the link at the bottom.

These funds will be used to purchase a raft, water testing kits, emergency equipment such as rope, life jackets, and a flare gun.

These funds will also help with travel costs such as gas and will help cover equipment costs such as batteries for camera and recording gear. Any extra funds will be saved and go towards other on the ground reports.

Click here to donate to our investigation for equipment.


Published by

Patrick Vinson

Founder of Berning Media Network

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