Middle school teacher in Florida caught running white nationalist podcast

On Saturday Huffpost reported that a public middle school teacher in Florida has been secretly hosting a white supremacist podcast under a false name.

Dayanna Volitich is a 25 year-old social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School, and also hosts a white nationalist podcast called “Unapologetic,” where she bragged about teaching her ideology to students and tricking the school’s principal into disregarding parent complaints that she was injecting political bias into the classroom and onto her students.

The name she went by was “Tiana Dalichov”, which we was known as in her podcast and on social media. She has also claimed that Muslim terrorism will continue “until we eradicate them from the face of the earth,” and has also praised neo-Nazi leaders.

The executive director of educational services for the Citrus County School District, Scott Hebert, told HuffPost that the district would investigate.

“She does not speak on behalf of the Citrus County School District,” Hebert said. “The views she’s listed [online] are really not in line with how our district operates.”

As of March 4th Dayanna Volitich has been “removed from the classroom,” Citrus County School District Superintendent Sandra Himmel announced Sunday in a statement:

Photograph via Facebook

This isn’t the first time a teacher has been caught spreading white nationalist views on school grounds. A article by Forward reported that a substitute teacher in Maryland was fired after it was discovered that he worked for a think tank run by prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer.

Featured photo via Twitter

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