Democratic Party IS a Sinking Ship


Giovanni LoPiccolo

On March 6th, 2018, the United States Senate voted 67 to 32 to open the debate on deregulating the biggest banks and the financial industry. 16 of those who voted to allow the debate were Democrats. The Democratic Party is broken, they have no clear purpose, no vision, and no allegiance to the American people. The progressive wing, sometimes known as the Elizabeth Warren wing, of the Democratic Party is standing on a sinking ship. Some of the notable individuals who voted against it were; Senators Bernie Sanders (Vermont), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein (California), Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer (New York), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), and Ron Wyden (Oregon). Notable Democrats who voted for it were Senators Tim Kaine (our 2016 Dem. Vice Presidential Nominee) (Virginia), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire), and Doug Jones (Alabama).

The Great Recession of 2008 happened because of George W. Bush’s tax cuts, and then the deregulation of the financial industry. The fact the debate passed in a landslide, means it is almost certain the Senate will pass said deregulation on the biggest banks. The Democrats had originally saved the economy in 2008-2009, thanks to Barack Obama’s stimulus package and increasing spending, so what are they doing now? There could be a long-shot chance that those Democrats who voted for the debate will vote against the bill that comes after it, we really don’t know for sure.

However, this does mean one thing: the Democratic Party stands for nothing. Remember the DACA deadline? That was March 5th, you haven’t heard any Democrat speak of it (thankfully the program is still running). Donald Trump is now using that against Democrats, the party who could set us on the right path for the future. So that brings up the question, what do we do? Well, we make sure a progressive Democrat wins the White House in 2020, and Democrats retake both houses of Congress.

What we need is electoral reform. We need someone like Bernie Sanders as President to open up primaries, allow third party candidates to have a fair shot at winning political offices. This two-party regime must come to an end. People like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders know that the way to fixing many of the problems we see today is to take over the Democratic Party, to infiltrate it, overturn Citizens United, thus beating the DNC at its own game. But it needs to be taken a step further.

Our next President should encourage the breaking up of both major parties. The Republican Party has a moderate wing and more radical wing (Tea Party) just as the Democratic Party has a moderate wing and a progressive wing. Allowing more parties to join the fray of national politics will allow more viewpoints to be represented, libertarians, moderates, conservatives, centrists, and progressives. The two party system has only given us frustration, both to Republican and Democratic voters.

Much of the Democratic Party doesn’t realize what direction America is going. Meaning not what Republicans are doing, but what the majority of people want. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of adults under 30 believe the government should be responsible for giving us health insurance, and 54% of adults over the age of 65 believe so as well. Just a few years ago Bernie Sanders was the only co-sponsor to his Medicare-for-all bill, and just recently only shored up a few dozen more senators to support him when he re-introduced it. They aren’t catching on fast enough. All we want is a government that works for us and protects us.

The fact there are Democrats willing to let this banking deregulation vote happen, shows they aren’t entirely in this fight to give us an America that we deserve. Not all of them are ready to stand up to corporate America. Only a very few Democrats are on the right side of history. Yes, Republicans would have let the debate taken place since they have a majority, even if every Democrat voted no. But, it’s about principle, about your morals, what you believe in and who you believe you’re fighting for. When you run for public office corporations and banks don’t cast a vote, the people do.

We need more Senators like Bernie Sanders, being Independent. Not being bound by an archaic political faction that threatens to ruin your career if you disobey them. Let’s remember, a few months ago, Elizabeth Warren said on CNN that the Democratic Primary was rigged for Hillary… and then backtracked. The DNC won’t last long at this rate.

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