Illinois School District Threatens Students who Plan to Walk Out in Protest of Gun Violence with Detentions

In the recent weeks we have seen the younger generation step up to the plate, demanding something be done to stop these school shootings. Students have organized school walkouts, gone to local Town Halls, and on March 24th have created a nation wide march called, “March for Our Lives”.

However in the small town of Plainfield, Illinois, Plainfield School District 202 officials have announced that students who walk out on the 17th will face detention.

Plainfield walkout organizers said school administrators have taken down informational flyers about the protest. Despite the district’s lack of support, hundreds of students still plan to walk out on the 17th

The schools superintendent cited safety concerns about hundreds of students walking out of the buildings in a statement.

District 202 Superintendent Dr. Lane:

“We are concerned about the safety of our students and the logistics of managing what could be potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of students walking out.”

Illinois ACLU chapter has also taken note of the situation in the Plainfield School district saying “the students’ message should be embraced as a civics lesson.” The ACLU has sent an open letter to district officials urging them to support the students’ participation.

The planned walkout is 10 days away, with time for the District officials to change their mind or possibly organize a district wide walkout say around the football field. It will be interesting to see if any lawsuits come about with the suppression of students first amendment.

Developing story with more to come

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