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Berning Media is non-corporate, Unbiased News

Our website is made of volunteers from around the globe who have the same mission as us: exposing the true underlying issues across the globe. Our volunteers help create articles, video content and podcasts as well. We are a crowdfunded website that relies on our viewers’ donations to maintain the website. We hope you enjoy our content and if you have any questions or concerns please go to the contact section to reach us.

(We are currently in the process of rebuilding the Berning Media Network website & team. We are shooting for an August 1st relaunch where BMN will come back bigger and better with more content than ever.  The website is being brought back after popular demand via the Instagram page. Thank you for the support and I look forward to getting this website back up and running. – Patrick Vinson)



Coming soon…..

August 1st, 2018