Democratic Party IS a Sinking Ship


Giovanni LoPiccolo

On March 6th, 2018, the United States Senate voted 67 to 32 to open the debate on deregulating the biggest banks and the financial industry. 16 of those who voted to allow the debate were Democrats. The Democratic Party is broken, they have no clear purpose, no vision, and no allegiance to the American people. The progressive wing, sometimes known as the Elizabeth Warren wing, of the Democratic Party is standing on a sinking ship. Some of the notable individuals who voted against it were; Senators Bernie Sanders (Vermont), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein (California), Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer (New York), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), and Ron Wyden (Oregon). Notable Democrats who voted for it were Senators Tim Kaine (our 2016 Dem. Vice Presidential Nominee) (Virginia), Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire), and Doug Jones (Alabama).

The Great Recession of 2008 happened because of George W. Bush’s tax cuts, and then the deregulation of the financial industry. The fact the debate passed in a landslide, means it is almost certain the Senate will pass said deregulation on the biggest banks. The Democrats had originally saved the economy in 2008-2009, thanks to Barack Obama’s stimulus package and increasing spending, so what are they doing now? There could be a long-shot chance that those Democrats who voted for the debate will vote against the bill that comes after it, we really don’t know for sure.

However, this does mean one thing: the Democratic Party stands for nothing. Remember the DACA deadline? That was March 5th, you haven’t heard any Democrat speak of it (thankfully the program is still running). Donald Trump is now using that against Democrats, the party who could set us on the right path for the future. So that brings up the question, what do we do? Well, we make sure a progressive Democrat wins the White House in 2020, and Democrats retake both houses of Congress.

What we need is electoral reform. We need someone like Bernie Sanders as President to open up primaries, allow third party candidates to have a fair shot at winning political offices. This two-party regime must come to an end. People like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders know that the way to fixing many of the problems we see today is to take over the Democratic Party, to infiltrate it, overturn Citizens United, thus beating the DNC at its own game. But it needs to be taken a step further.

Our next President should encourage the breaking up of both major parties. The Republican Party has a moderate wing and more radical wing (Tea Party) just as the Democratic Party has a moderate wing and a progressive wing. Allowing more parties to join the fray of national politics will allow more viewpoints to be represented, libertarians, moderates, conservatives, centrists, and progressives. The two party system has only given us frustration, both to Republican and Democratic voters.

Much of the Democratic Party doesn’t realize what direction America is going. Meaning not what Republicans are doing, but what the majority of people want. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of adults under 30 believe the government should be responsible for giving us health insurance, and 54% of adults over the age of 65 believe so as well. Just a few years ago Bernie Sanders was the only co-sponsor to his Medicare-for-all bill, and just recently only shored up a few dozen more senators to support him when he re-introduced it. They aren’t catching on fast enough. All we want is a government that works for us and protects us.

The fact there are Democrats willing to let this banking deregulation vote happen, shows they aren’t entirely in this fight to give us an America that we deserve. Not all of them are ready to stand up to corporate America. Only a very few Democrats are on the right side of history. Yes, Republicans would have let the debate taken place since they have a majority, even if every Democrat voted no. But, it’s about principle, about your morals, what you believe in and who you believe you’re fighting for. When you run for public office corporations and banks don’t cast a vote, the people do.

We need more Senators like Bernie Sanders, being Independent. Not being bound by an archaic political faction that threatens to ruin your career if you disobey them. Let’s remember, a few months ago, Elizabeth Warren said on CNN that the Democratic Primary was rigged for Hillary… and then backtracked. The DNC won’t last long at this rate.

Gov. Cuomo’s Challenge from the Left – Cynthia Nixon

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Giovanni LoPiccolo

Ever feel as if Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t the right fit for New York? I’ve felt that way, due to his dances with corruption throughout his multiple terms as Governor of one of the bluest states in the Union. The primary for the Governorship of New York is approaching, and it seems that Andrew Cuomo is going to have to keep his eyes peeled… to the left. An actress turned activist, Cynthia Nixon, has assembled a team to test the waters in possibly running for the Democratic nomination for Governor. And no, she’s not related to Richard Nixon.

CNN had reached out to Cynthia Nixon’s team, specifically her publicist. They had asked her if Nixon is planning to run for Governor, and stated the following, “Many concerned New Yorkers have been encouraging Cynthia to run for office, and as she has said previously, she will continue to explore it…” According to an article recently published by the New York Times, titled Cynthia Nixon Explores Possible Run Against Andrew Cuomo, she has been looking into specific policy areas such as transportation.

Before you cry out your distaste for a celebrity politician, just wait a second. This isn’t Oprah Winfrey. Cynthia Nixon has had a past in activism, a relatively recent history with speaking at events to “elect better Democrats”, criticizing Governor Cuomo, and even ensure the completion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. So, we don’t have a woman fresh from Hollywood ready to take on a political office, which were inspired by a single speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t a bad person, he’s done many good things for New York, and I think it’s appropriate and necessary to give him some credit. He has implemented a $15 minimum wage, beginning in NYC and is now gradually reaching 15 an hour throughout the rest of the state in the next few years. He has established four year tuition-free higher education through the SUNY system (State University of New York). But, what plagues his name is corruption. Most recently, one of the Governor’s aides has been convicted in a “pay-to-play” scandal involving $315,000. According to the New York Post, this was not just an average assistant to the Governor, he is a close friend. There’s a lot he’s going to have to explain during his re-election campaign, and even if he wishes to run for President in 2020.


One of the biggest issues many of us face today, and often contemplate, is what’s the point of voting if there’s so much corruption? How do we make change happen when there’s just so much against us, and we don’t even have that many good options? Well, primaries are the key to solving that issue. The way to elect an honest and truthful person to any office is to weed out the ones who aren’t honest and truthful. This issue usually pops up when the subject of presidential nominees arises. How do we enact progressive reforms, which benefit all Americans, when we have extremely horrible candidates/options? This is the starting point! This is where we weed out the worst of the worst! We have a chance now to elect a truly progressive individual of a state that needs to continue being progressive.

One step at a time, at each level, we weed out the worst politicians. We choose the lesser of two evils for the moment, and come next election cycle, we vote for the better alternative in the primary.

This movement is more than a resistance, it’s about fixing everything’s that’s wrong, and we have to accept that it will take time. We aren’t going to have an revolutionary upheaval through violence, blood, and sweat, we’re not going to destabilize our country like what’s happened in other places around the world. We will continue to spread the truth; that in reality we don’t have many people in office who really care about any of us. That in reality, our current government is giving millions of dollars to the wealthy, and only a few thousand dollars to you. That Donald Trump is raking in millions of dollars in just one year thanks to his tax plan, and not spending that money to better your community.

We can’t just pay attention during presidential elections every four years, because for as long as this country stands, the question will always be: who’s the lesser of two evils?





Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons, and… Sanders?

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Dynasties are something that never seem to disappear, no matter what form of government any nation has. From the era of autocratic rule in ancient times, where the elites hand-picked their leaders among themselves, to the days of absolutist monarchy by handing down the crown, and now during the age of democracy in the United States. The curtains have closed on the three most influential and powerful dynasties; Kennedy, Bush, and Clinton families. Their time in the spotlight has come to an end. With John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy being assassinated, the Bushes in retirement, and last plausible Clinton presidential-hopeful having lost the 2016 election… who’s next? The Sanders family is.

As of February 27th, Bernie Sander’s stepdaughter and son are officially running for elected offices. His son, Levi Sanders, is running for the congressional seat in New Hampshire’s 1st District, eager to replace the retiring Democratic Representative, Carol Shea-Porter. Levi has made his platform and agenda clear: Medicare-for-All, free tuition at public universities, and higher minimum wage. However, Levi Sanders is running as a Democrat, unlike his father.

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His stepdaughter, Carina Driscoll, is running for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Sound familiar? It should, that’s where Bernie’s political career began. She is running on an equally progressive platform, although, as an Independent. She is looking to unseat the incumbent Democratic Mayor.

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For the first time, in possibly a very long time, we have a family in the political spotlight with crystal clear dreams of helping the American people, actual progressive goals. We don’t have a family embroiled in scandals, a family embroiled in war profiteering, corporate/Wall St. ties, or fear-mongering. We have a family with a set of values. American values. These are two individuals that should be watched closely, because they could very well be future Presidential contenders. They’re both beginning their political careers on the right path, and of course, with the advantage of substantial name recognition.

Many of us; Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, know Bernie Sanders will probably run for President again in 2020. There are rumors flying around that Joe Biden will run too, for he’s met with old staffers and advisors, and those rumors include him serving for one term. The idea is to let his running mate take over, and give us another 8 years of a Democrat, totaling at 12. I see why he wants to do that, and why he’d only stay on for one term, but I highly doubt Bernie Sanders will be his running mate, or Elizabeth Warren. It’s boiled down to who’s really fit for the job? Who has the foresight, judgement, and experience? Who do we need now?

Age has been a big player in determining if a man or woman is fit to lead the nation. Do they have the energy? Do they have the stamina? The fact is, our greatest progressive champions, with considerable influence in the federal government, are older individuals. Bernie Sanders will be 79 on Inauguration Day 2021, and Elizabeth Warren will be 71 (Joe Biden will also be 79). I completely understand that it’s likely Joe Biden’s dream to become President, and in no way am I promoting the idea of not pursuing your dream. But there’s a time and place for everything, and at this stage in American politics, I don’t think this country can last longer on bits and crumbs of incremental change.

Levi Sanders and Carina Driscoll have a unique figure in their lives to look up to, and I’m sure they do 100%. They have a man who’s honest and radiates integrity that is the head of their family. Based on a first impression, I believe they are just as honest as Bernie Sanders. We as Americans are infatuated with celebrities, having a person or family to look up to. It’s what keeps the monarchy of England going, it is a symbol for all families to aspire to be. In America, we don’t have that, so we clung onto the closest thing we could get. The Kennedys, Bushes, and Clintons (with the last two, for the wrong reasons).

If Bernie Sanders becomes the 46th President of the United States, the Sanders family will be that next dynasty. They have a core set of values that majority Americans agree with. Values that center on embracing diversity, eradicating income inequality, establishing progressive taxation, health care as a right for all, and not drowning in student debt for going to college. A Sanders Administration would prioritize compassion and strength, something not seen by most presidencies. And with the family members of the most popular politician in America running for office, we know that this will be an “unofficial dynasty”. There is no intention of Bernie Sanders dictating the campaigns of his son or stepdaughter, as he mentions in a short section in an article by NPR, it is their campaign, their own agendas.

What do you think? If Levi Sanders and Carina Driscoll win their respective races, do you think they’ll aspire more and follow the steps of Bernie? Can the country afford another political dynasty? Or is this an exception?



This is the article by NPR on which Bernie comments on his son’s decision to run for Congress:

The Latest – Your Berning Week

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Giovanni LoPiccolo

This week saw the rise of possible solutions, proposals, and answers to mass shootings; including Donald Trump’s personal goal with gun control, the NRA, and even back to the Russia narrative. We look at Bernie Sanders’ personal views on the meddling, and why he would join the establishment Democrats in supporting the hacking narrative. You can read the full articles for more information on the Berning Media Network homepage.


Monday, February 19th

  • A week after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, Donald Trump announces his interest in improving FBI background checks for gun owners. He had previously stated that the issue could be solved by looking at mental health. The full details can be found in an article written by Patrick Vinson, Trump Looks at Improving FBI Background Checks for Gun Owners.

Donald Trump ran a campaign on being a populist; wanting everybody covered on health insurance, not touching Social Security, etc. yet upon being sworn in, he has proven himself to be everything but. He is a reactionary, backwards-thinking, conservative with a clear relationship with the National Rifle Association, and much of his base are Second Amendment fanatics. So, what is he doing?

Donald Trump wants good coverage. He’s an idiot, but managed to realize he’s not getting anything done. He will be the end of the Reagan/Republican Regime of Presidents, where since Reagan we’ve had more Republican Presidents than Democrats, and their moderate-conservative ideologies are beginning to fail. Donald Trump doesn’t want to be like the Presidents before him, he obviously wants to do better. And what better way for a conservative to make history? Expand background checks and implementing more gun control.


Tuesday, February 20th

  • Donald Trump continues to turn the wheel to the left, showing vivid interest in banning bump stocks. Bump stocks are a part of assault weapons that allow them to shoot rapidly, which is what helped the Las Vegas shooter kill over 50 people and injure more than a 100.

This decision was made along the same lines as to why he wants more background checks. Donald Trump wants good headlines, and it’s surprising how he’s willing to take heat from many of his supporters on this issue. Or, what would make more sense is that he’s trying to woo Democrats, so they can stop obstructing his entire government. (It amazes and also worries me how a majority party can still get so little done when it controls all three branches of government… but we also have to remember Republicans are in the minority nationwide. 65+ million people voted against Trump in 2016).


Wednesday, February 21st

  • Florida’s State legislature voted on whether to ban assault weapons, with their audience composing of students from Parkland who witnessed the shooting. The state legislature voted it down, 36 in favor to 71 against.
  • Bernie Sanders states the Clinton Campaign should have done more to combat the Russian “bots” and “hackers” during election.


One of the biggest issues we face today, when talking about gun control, is how the government paints that entire subject. Conservative politicians and “Second Amendment believers” say that gun control means losing all your guns, and the beginning of the end of the Constitution. First, being an American means you’re a believer in the Constitution, not just one of its Amendments. Second, gun control has never been about taking away all your guns. If it was, it would be called gun eradication. It’s about placing sensible and reasonable restrictions. Hunting is a sport to many, there is no intent by Democrats or moderate Republicans to take away your hunting rifle or permit. Our goal, is to make sure you don’t have a gun that’s meant to mow down people in seconds.

In respect to the Russian hacking narrative, Hillary Clinton should have done more to combat the hackers, give more speeches perhaps on the issue, maybe even request then-President Obama look into the issue. However, she lost because she wasn’t the right candidate. But, in reality, Hillary Clinton didn’t do much about it because it obviously wasn’t a serious threat. There are millions of trolls on the internet, and Hillary Clinton is aware of that. She’s been taking heat from millions her entire political career, and even when she was First Lady. When she saw it could be another “factor” to her losing the election, of course she was ready to use it.


You can read more about my views on this issue in a recent article I wrote; Bernie, 2020, the DNC, and Russia.


Thursday, February 22nd

  • In an article on our site titled, Health Experts Warn Most Mass Shootings Aren’t Carried Out by Mentally Ill, we see a study done (in 2015) by the American Journal of Psychiatry that only 3% to 5% of mass shooting killers have mental health related issues.

Mental health is the first line of defense for many Republicans in why mass shootings happen. Yes, the people who commit these atrocities aren’t normal, but they don’t necessarily have to be diagnosed with something to explain why the shooting happened. Someone had written on Twitter, if your kid hits another kid with a stick, what do you do? A. Let your kid keep the stick; B. Give all the other kids sticks; or C. Take away the stick?

So, yes the mentally ill should not have access to assault weapons, or any guns for that matter. When people get in car accidents, we don’t assume that the driver who caused the crash was mentally ill, or delve into their medical history. We put more priority in making cars safer. At this point, it’s common sense.


Friday, February 23rd

  • Companies, both small and large, begin cutting ties with the National Rifle Association (which has stated that there shouldn’t be any further gun control measures).

This is just the beginning of the end of the NRA’s shadowy yet monumental influence in our country. The NRA’s hands are stained with the blood of  victims they allowed to die due to gun violence. At this point, the NRA is okay with letting people die in order to “preserve” our Second Amendment. They believe it is a price we must pay, which is complete B.S..

When the public sector denounces and condemns an organization, the government will soon follow (hopefully). Soon enough, the NRA will have strong negative connotations that it will be toxic for sensible and smart politicians to be associated with.


Saturday, February 24th

  • 19 Republicans in the House of Representatives call on Speaker Paul Ryan to propose stricter background checks for gun ownership.

What we are witnessing right now is another moment in American history where public opinion really decides what the government legislates. As we saw in 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage for all 50 states. The Supreme Court was in a conservative majority, as it still is today, and ruled on a topic that is rather liberal and progressive. Correction: it’s not a liberal belief; it’s a human right, to decide who you love and solidify it with marriage. So, what we could be seeing is another one of those moments where the public’s outrage for mass shootings is enough to push lawmakers to do the right thing (first for many).













Bernie, 2020, the DNC, and Russia

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Giovanni LoPiccolo

This past month, February 2018, special counsel and investigator of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election, Robert Mueller, announced the indictment of 13 individuals who participated in said “meddling”. Mueller isn’t only investigating election meddling, but also possibilities of money laundering between the Trump family, Trump campaign, and Russia. The “Russia hacking the election” narrative seems to be a selling point in the Democratic Party’s core message during the Trump Era. It’s an excuse, for poor behavior and actions by most Democrats. And one of the most honest and progressive leaders has hopped on that bandwagon.

Bernie Sanders has joined the chorus of establishment Democrats that Russia has been meddling in the election, and who knows; they could have, but it’s unlikely. The internet is full of twisted and horrible trolls/haters that say horrid things of almost anybody. That’s social media. But, why did Bernie join in on supporting this election hacking excuse? Well, it has to do with the next Presidential election.

It is almost certain that in 2020, Bernie Sanders will be one of the Democratic candidates for President. Bernie was smart not to run as independent in 2016 because he knew his message wouldn’t have spread as far as it did, and wouldn’t have gotten much coverage. Now, Bernie is taking careful steps in remaining in good graces with the DNC. The Democratic National Committee is filled with establishment, corporate-backed, lobbyists, and politicians. They are still in control of the primaries, and if Bernie wants to win the nomination, he can’t be 100% rogue.

A few months ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a CNN interview that she believes the DNC primaries were rigged to favor Hillary Clinton. Then, she back-tracked on that statement. Why? Because she’s trying to stay in the DNC’s good graces as well. Obviously, the way to reform the Democratic Party, at this point, is to become its leader. The only way to be the true, de facto, leader of a party is to be the President, which you’ve won the nomination from.

When you run for President, you have to please a lot of people if you want their support and help. You can’t make demands and expect somebody’s unwavering loyalty. It’s about making bargains, cutting deals, giving something to get something in return (something Trump doesn’t understand). Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren aren’t sellouts. Some claim that because they endorsed Hillary in 2016 after the primaries makes them untrustworthy and sellouts. No, they just don’t want to be excommunicated by the Democratic Party. These corrupt political factions have the power to end a politician’s career. In order to end the corruption, end the establishment, and end the two-party system… you must beat them at their own game.





The Latest – It IS About Guns


Giovanni LoPiccolo

This week saw the death of 17 individuals in a high school in Parkland, Florida. This past week we heard the repeated message from the Republican Party of “thoughts and prayers” to the victims. This week we heard the repeated message of mental illness being the main factor in why the shooting even happened. This week we heard Republicans saying now’s not the time to talk about gun control. Today, on Sunday February 18th, this post of The Latest – Your Berning Week, will be solely about gun control. There’s a lot to discuss, not just on this shooting but guns in America, in general.

The shooter, Nicolas Cruz, claimed to have been expelled from school and have serious parental issues, so there’s the immediate platform many conservatives jump on to prevent any gun control legislation. We must understand that no gun control can effectively be implemented with this current Administration due to the NRA’s cloak of endless campaign contributions embracing nearly every single Republican in Congress, and the one in the White House. The National Rifle Association has given money to numerous members of Congress. In a small statistic in the Los Angeles Times, Thoughts and Prayers, Fistfuls of NRA Money: Why America Can’t Control Guns…

  • John McCain (R – Arizona): received $7.7 million in 2016 from the NRA
  • Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) (R – Kentucky): received $1.3 million in 2016.
  • Joni Ernst (R – Iowa): $3.1 million since 2014
  • Dean Heller (R – Nevada) Over $122,000 since 2016

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2016,

  • Ted Cruz (R – Texas) received $360,727
  • Marco Rubio (R – Florida) received $176,030
  • Paul Ryan (R – Wisconsin) received $171,977
  • Ron Johnson (R – Wisconsin) received $165,498
  • Rand Paul (R – Kentucky) received $155,605
  • Pat Toomey (R – Pennsylvania) received $79,908


The list goes on with another dozen members of Congress. So, do you see a pattern? Why would someone want to spend that much money on a campaign? To uphold a personal agenda, that of the NRA.

The Supreme Court decision Citizens United deemed that corporations have the rights of ordinary citizens, which allows them to dump as much money as they want into anyone’s political campaign. That decision needs to be overturned, but with a conservative majority in the Supreme Court at the moment it most likely won’t be overturned. We need to push Congress to make legislation restricting how much money can be donated. Money needs to be restrained, it needs to be tracked, in doing so, we’d complete the first step in achieving sensible and proper gun control.


The next important subject to bring up is the Second Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 1791 was the year the Bill of Rights were added to the Constitution, being the first ten amendments. That was 227 years ago. There were muskets, not assault weapons that are used to mow down people.

Gun control is about giving up some freedom, in exchange to live in a safer society. One where your children aren’t at risk of being shot, or being shot in the workplace. It’s placing life on a higher pedestal than material things. The Second Amendment was implemented because our founding fathers were afraid of the rise of a tyrannical government that would control every aspect of life. Our nation was founded on somewhat fearful terms, afraid that a government would terrorize its people, and afraid that our Presidency would transform into a monarchical leader.

Right now, Congress is letting the American people terrorize ourselves. The Constitution needs to be updated again, as it has been over time. Ending slavery. Women’s right to vote. Civil Rights. The list needs to continue to grow. Nobody needs an AR-15 or AK-47, or any assault rifle. Hunting rifles and pistols are different, of course, but the point “the Left” is trying to make is that you shouldn’t be so proud of weapons that kill our own children too often.

The Second Amendment isn’t the greatest right to be proud of, what about our right to vote? We live in a constitutional republic, you have a voice in forming and swaying government, that’s something to be more proud of than being able to own a gun. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It’s not just about the FBI, it’s not just about mental illness, or being a lone-wolf, it’s about guns. The NRA and Congress has blood on their hands.






Elizabeth Warren Slams Trump on “Pocahontas” Name-Calling


Giovanni LoPiccolo

We live in a country, and in a world, where you’re judged on what you look like and where you’re from before being judged by your character. You’re also judged if you don’t meet specific “standards” of stereotypes, which has been promoted by ignorance. The President of the United States has been calling a member of the United States Senate Pocahontas for a while now, and that Senator has had enough.

In November 2017, President Trump gave a speech to Native American veterans in the White House commemorating their service to the military, and said the following, “You were here long before any of us were here… Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas…” How do you say this to a group of Native Americans? This isn’t the first time Trump called her Pocahontas.

Senator Warren wasn’t having it, and while giving a speech to the NCAI (National Congress of American Indians), one part of her speech was something we all needed to hear from a politician:

In fairy tale, Pocahontas saved John Smith from execution at the hands of his father, but that part was probably made up too.  In fable, her baptism as Rebecca and her marriage to Jamestown settler are held up to show the righteousness of colonization. In reality, the fable was used to try to bleach away the stain of genocide.”

The stain of genocide“. This is why Elizabeth Warren is one of the greatest politicians in America at this very moment. She isn’t trying to hide the truth of American history, because that only allows ignorance and arrogance to fester. People begin to think that we’re 100% entitled to this land, when we really aren’t. White people weren’t here first, and some people find that hard to understand for some reason. White people are from Europe.

She isn’t a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party like many others are, she isn’t afraid to speak truthfully about our dark history. She has a core set of values, American values. She is a leader in the American Resistance and, unlike some Democrats, continue to hold town-halls and speeches about why we need to keep fighting. Not just fighting Trump and his Administration, but fighting for what we believe in. Her words and her messages aren’t tailored just for her re-election campaign in Massachusetts either, it’s for all Americans. Elizabeth Warren has a grand vision for this country, and I doubt remaining in the Senate is part of it.