NY Central Railroad celebrating the allies victory in WW1

Via The War Files –  New York 1919

This picture shows employees of the NY Central Railroad celebrating the allies victory in WW1, showing off a pyramid of recovered German helmets in front of Grand Central Terminal. 

There were over 12,000 German Pickelhaubes on the pyramid, sent from warehouses in Germany at the end of the war. Victory Way was set up on Park Avenue to raise money for the 5th War Loan, and a pyramid of 12,000 helmets was erected at each end, along with other German military equipment. 

There’s a hollow supporting structure underneath the helmets. The figure that was placed at the top of the pyramid is still subject to speculation, some believe that it’s Nike, the Goddess of Victory. There’s also two cannons located at the left and right of the helmet pyramid. 


Vietnam War Draft Documentary -By Kids

Approx. Run time: 10 mins

Excellent short, but detailed documentary about the Vietnam war draft.  This documentary was put together by 8th graders.

Life Cycle Assessment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture

Approx running time: 20 mins

This video, made by the Livestock & Poultry Environmental Learning Center

talks about the carbon footprint made from the animal agriculture industry.

Glass Steagall, The Complete Story

Approx running time: 1hr, 22 mins

Detailed history of the Glass Steagall Act (1930’s) which came into action after the economic crash of 1929.

The documentary also details the not-so-mentioned story of Prescott Bush funding Adolf Hitler’s campaign before his rise to power in the 1930’s.