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Do we still need monarchies?

Is the monarchy a valid system in the 21st century? For many people, the monarchical regime is an undemocratic system that has survived since the darkest times of the Middle Ages. For others, it represents a guarantee of national unity and tradition for their countries. However, during recent […]

Dangers of Homosexuality, except…

You will often hear conservatives rail against homosexuality, however, when pressed to explain why homosexuality is inherently wrong without invoking religion, you will generally hear a few responses. STD rates are signifigantly higher among homosexuals. In short, this is true, but it is far from a justification of […]

War: Democrats vs. Greens

According to NBC News, two Senate committees have begun inquiring information from the 2016 presidential campaign of the Green Party Nominee; Jill Stein, which have been investigating Russian interference in the election. Jill Stein ran for the presidency in 2016 for the second time as the Green Party […]