to the Berning Media Network. You have been selected as a staff writer for BMN, so congratulations! There are likely a lot of questions running through your head right now, but hopefully we can answer them here.

The job

So, to be specific, you are joining the unbiased, informative Press Staff of BMN, in charge of covering word and domestic US news.

Upon your acceptance to BMN, your interviewer or contact would have added your email to the website so you could write articles and publish them.

From there, you can write your stories using our Writers’ Guide which we will get to below.

If you haven’t already, you can set up your account with BMN on WordPress by opening the email and following the steps.


BMN Editor-in-Chief Patrick will add you to the official communications method of BMN, Instagram Direct Messaging.

You will be added (if you haven’t already) to the chat called “BMN Writers”.


Publishing at BMN is all about self-editing. We want every writer to be virtually autonomous in producing content that timely and relevant. We still have editors to look over things but they will do it as articles are posted.

Use the guide

Use the Writers’ Guide to give you a framework on how to report for the Berning Media Network.

The guide implements both the Style Guide by InstaPress and the Format Guide for BMN.

Let’s get started

Use the Writers’ Guide to start writing your first article!