Walmart shooting kills three in US

Three were killed by a lone shooter at a Thornton Walmart in the United States on Wednesday night with the suspect taken into custody the following day. 

The Thornton Police Department said primary suspect Scott Ostrem was found thanks to a tip from the public and then taken into custody without incident.

SWAT officers were at Mr. Ostrem’s last known residence in Adams County on Thursday when he was spotted driving past. After a “quick pursuit” by law enforcement units, the suspect was arrested in the Westminster suburb.

Ostrem, 47, allegedly “nonchalantly” entered and opened fire in a Walmart Superstore shortly after 6 pm local time in Thornton, a suburb some 18.5 km north of Denver.

Police have not yet established a motive for the attack, saying Ostrem only had a “minimal criminal history”.  There no obvious or claimed ties to terror groups.

Ostrem is set to appear on Friday morning in Adams County District Court to hear the charges against him.

The city of Denver in 2012 experienced a mass shooting at a movie theatre playing “The Dark Knight Rises” in an eastern Denver suburb of Aurora.

Gunman James Holmes, who dyed his hair to look like the Joker,  killed 12 on July 20, 2012.

Less then an hour away from Denver is the location of Columbine High School, where 12 students and teacher were shot by two grade 12 students in 1999 before the attackers committed suicide.

Shooting kills three

The Thornton Police Department said on Wednesday around 8 pm local time that two men were dead at the scene and an adult female was transported to a hospital before passing away.

Police initially tweeted at 6:27 pm saying “multiple parties down” in a shooting at the Walmart on 9900 Grant St, asking people to “stay away from the area.”

Brandon Bonney received a call from his brother from inside the supermarket, who told him that he was inside Walmart and “there’s a shooting here.”

The Denver Post reported that Bonney told his brother to put his phone on silent while staying calm and finding a place to hide.