Hawaii judge blocks latest travel ban

A United States federal judge from Hawaii has blocked the latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban which was set to effect eight different countries. Judge Derrick Watson said that the ban “plainly discriminates based on nationality”.

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Voters & Business Leaders Speak Out About Trump

Reported by Zolby Analytics Feb 6, 2017:

Analysis–Zogby Analytics conducted an online nationwide survey of 860 likely voters from February 2-4, 2017. Based on a confidence interval of 95%, the margin of error for 860 is +/- 3.3 percentage points. Overall, a plurality (48%) of voters approve (strongly–28% and somewhat-19% combined) of Donald Trump’s job as president, while less (43%) disapprove. This is a five point jump since our last poll in January. A majority (55%) of men approve of Trump’s job as president and half of women disapprove of Trump’s job as commander in chief. President Trump is also getting major support from Republicans; an overwhelming majority (83%) of the GOP voters approve of Trump’s job, while 43% of Independents voters also approve. A majority of younger voters (18-29 years old) disapprove (53%), while 40% of younger voters approve of Trump’s job as president.

Older voters-50-64 year olds and voters 65+ are more likely to approve of President Trump, 51% and 56% respectively. President Trump also receives high marks from voters in the Central/Great Lakes region (51%), voters earning $100k or more annually (52%), voters in small cities (56%) and rural areas (54%), union members (55%), NASCAR fans (60%), weekly Walmart shoppers (55%) and homeowners (55%). Voters who are worse off financially and who have lost a job due to corporate downsizing also approved of President Trump’s job to date.


*From a recent report from Zolby Analytics.  Full report can be viewed HERE

Seperate report from Zolby, Feb 3, 2017:

Analysis–Zogby Analytics conducted an online nationwide survey of 301 business decision makers with 100 or more employees on 2/2/2017. Based on a confidence interval of 95%, the margin of error for 301 is +/- 5.7 percentage points. Overall, a plurality (48%) of business leaders disapprove (strongly and somewhat combined) of Donald Trump’s job as president so far, while slightly less (44%) approve. At the moment only a third think the country is on the right track and 45% think it’s going in the wrong direction.


*From a recent report from Zolby Analytics.  Full report can be viewed HERE

The 2016 US Presidential Election And The Myth Of Anti-Establishment

1485594518351 Written By: Adam Peach

To understand the current world around us, we have to understand the fundamentals of how decisions are actually made.  Why have we not achieved world peace?  Why have we not ended world hunger or world poverty?  Why are there still constant wars being fought around the world?  Those sort of questions can draw many different different opinions.  However, there is one thing that influences almost, if not, all decisions made in the world today.  That is, of course, Money.  For this reason, to understand most or all decision-making processes, we have to look at things from a business perspective, not a humanitarian perspective.

  Most of the general public do not have the millions of dollars needed to contribute to successful political campaigns.  This is where corporations come in.  Sure, the general public can make donations to whichever candidates they like, in support of whichever political party or agenda they happen to agree with – but most people, in general, can not afford to donate the same kind of million-dollar contributions made by large corporations.
  These corporations all represent a different industrial sector, respective to what each of them do in the global market.  For example, you have sectors such as Finance, Pharmaceudical, Agriculture, Energy, and more.  Each of these sectors have different opinions on how policies should be, based on their respective sector or business interests.  Therefore, corporations will give more money to a politician who supports the same policies that they support.  For example, oil companies would be more apposed to a politician who does not support new pipelines.  As an oil company, they would be more in favor of politicians who DO support building pipelines, because pipelines are crucial for their business to succeed.
  This is called “Lobbying”.  Corporations and organizations hand out millions to politicians throughout every election cycle to help sway policies in favor of their specific business .  Upon receiving this money, politicians must maintain a stance that supports these businesses in their own way – otherwise they may lose future contributions from those businesses.  For instance, if I give you money because you promise to help my business succeed, but then you support policies that prevent my business from succeeding –  I would not want to give you any more money because you are using my contribution to go against my interests.  Therefore, as we have experienced over the years – in democracies all over the world – politicians can be easily swayed to support a policy in a specific company, or industry’s interest.  These companies are, after all, financially supporting political campaigns and politicians must not “bite the hand that feeds” – that is the mentality, of course.
  PACs and Super PACs:

Political Action Committee (PAC) — A popular term for a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Most PACs represent business, labor or ideological interests.”

Foreign-connected Political Action Committee – Only American citizens (and immigrants with green cards) can contribute to federal politics, but the American divisions of foreign companies can form political action committees (PACs) and collect contributions from their American employees. Here’s an indication of the foreign-connected interests behind these PACs, based on the headquarters of their parent companies.”

   A super PAC is pretty much what it sounds like.  It is a PAC that contributes substantially more funds than other PACs.  The donors of these super PACs are some of the wealthiest people in the country, and abroad.  As a Super PAC, they hold significantly more “buying power” when it comes to political lobbying.
  Below, are three charts showing how much money was contributed to the election from Foreign-connected PACs in 2016.  The first chart, demonstrates how many of these contributions went to a specific political party.  In other words, we can consider a company is in favor of a particular political agenda based on who they give majority of their donated money to.  The second chart below, shows how much money was contributed by Foreign-connected PACs from each industrial sector.  The third, shows how much money was contributed per region.
As you can see, the top 5 sectors that contributed the most are Finance, Pharmaceudical, Construction,Defense, and what we’ve categorized as “Misc” – which is made up of companies in the Beer/Wine/Spirits industry, as well as Lobbyist groups, in which their sole purpose is to push support for specific policies.  In regards to regional contributions, Europe and Asia are the biggest contributors – Europe contributing the most, as clearly shown, above.

From the top 5 sectors described above, here is the top contributor from each:


  Aside from foreign contributions, obviously there are domestic contributions.  The biggest campaign contributions come from Super PACs (described above).  Super PACs are driven to specifically enforce political agendas by means of lobbying, or forking out millions of dollars to support candidates’ policies and policy reform, in their specific social or economic interests.  Super PACs also receive many contributions from political non-profit organizations which, by law, are not required to report where their funding comes from.  This is called “dark money”.  These such organizations have been sprouting up all over since that law was passed and they are very large contributors for political campaigns.
  Here are the top 3 super PACs from the 2016 election cycle:


  Listed below, you will find the top 5 donors for each of the top 3 super PACs.  Additionally, each donor is listed with a brief but descriptive history of their previous financial or political endeavors.  This information was gathered using multiple various news sources and publications, and information that is available publicly on the internet.  Links to sources for all information and data shown, above and below, is listed at the bottom of this report.

Priorities USA Action Top 5 Donors

George Soros: Soros Fund Management

George Soros is known to Support “open borders” and globalization ideaologies.  Soros once quoted:

  “The system is very favorable to financial capital, which is free to go where it is best rewarded, which in turn has led to the rapid growth of global financial markets. The result is a gigantic circulatory system, sucking up capital into the financial markets and institutions at the center and then pumping it out to the periphery either directly in the form of credits and portfolio investments or indirectly through multinational corporations.”

The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered” by George Soros, 1998

Soros  Allegedly earned $1B after engineering “Black Wednesday” financial meltdown. in the UK, early 1990’s.  He has Lobbied for more power to World Bank and is a huge contributor to MoveOn.Org.  The group’s website started an ad comparing President George W. Bush to Hitler and ran the infamous “General Betray Us” ad in the New York Times, attacking Gen. David Petraeus[1] (who was a whistle-blower that provided “8 Black books” containing sensitive government information to Paula Broadwell, his biographer.  Here’s a quote from the original indictment of Petraeus:

(The books) “collectively contained classified information regarding the identifies of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and mechanisms, diplomatic discussions, quotes and deliberative discussions from high-level National Security Council meetings… and discussions with the president of the United States.”

[1] Petraeus received no jail time for this, which has sparked much debate regarding hypocrisy in dealing with government whistleblowers.  A valid debate when one considers the opposite treatment in which has been given to whistle-blowers such as Chelsie Manning, Edward Snowdon, and Thomas Drake.  Drake in particular, made attempts to use the chain-of-command protocol available to him in reporting his original concerns, however – with no success.  After deciding to leak his information to the media, his security clearance was suspended – effectively ending his career with the government.  Following that, Drake was indicted in 2010, which forced him to lose his position at Strayer University.  After that, Drake went to work for retail, at The Apple Store.

James Simons: Mathematician, founder of Renaissance Technologies

Jim Simons is an award-winning mathematician that used his skills to decipher Soviet codes for the NSA during the Cold War.

He is also the founder of Renaissance Technologies, known for investing in research and advancement of Big Data systems for the purpose of collecting, and analyzing data for hedge funds.  Renaissance has a hedge fund called “Medallion” which is considered one of the most successful hedge funds, ever.

The mass collection data can give key investors advantage of markets due to ability to make projections based on investor/consumer behavior.  Using algorithms like these, internet entities can send a user specific ads, or information related to their past interactions, thus creating a false sense of reality and can undermine competition.  For lack of a better general example at the moment, in a 2002 movie called “Minority Report”, an agent is able to use a computer to prevent future crimes that have not yet happened by receiving information of who they are, where they are, and what crime they are going to commit.  The agent can then locate and arrest the criminal BEFORE the crime actually takes place.  This is he same concept of a quant fund – to recognize trends before they happen, thus, creating an obvious advantage in forcasting.  This can be especially dangerous if used for political means as data can be used with algorithms to create content specifically designed for that user.  A user may only see ads and information from one bias political point of view or opinion.  It also gives companies with access to more databases advantage over smaller companies.  A small company would be no match for a large corporation with access to extremely large consumer databases, allowing them to analyze trends and financial forecasting.

For a broader idea of what Big Data is, and why it is important for the general public to know about this technology, Please refer to my articles “How You’re Really Being Watched: Facebook, The Filter Bubble & Big Data” as well as “Augmented Realities And The Perception Of Truth “ .

Fred Eychaner: Owner of Newsweb/Known as 5th highest lifetime contributor to the Democratic party (as of 2015)

Fred Eychaner is the chairman of Newsweb Corporation – a printer of ethnic and alternative newspapers in the United States, based in Chicago, Illinois.  Newsweb Corporation owns WCPT – an Air America and CNN Radio affiliate, which includes locally hosted Progressive Talk programming.  An article from 2010, in the Chicago Sun-Times, reported Eychaner has given the Clinton Foundation more than $25 million – The link and desciption for this article is still available on search engines, however, the article has been taken down.

Donald Sussman: Founder of the Paloma Funds and New China Capital Management LLC

Donald Sussman’s company, New China Capital Management LLC is an investor of The Cathay Family of Funds.  CATHAY is a leading private investment firm which provides capital to Chinese companies to support growth.

“Since 1992, Cathay has completed over 40 investments and has completed initial public offerings (“IPOs”), trade sales and other capital events with a cumulative transaction value over US$5 billion. In 2007 alone, Cathay completed five IPOs of its portfolio companies on international stock exchanges. Current assets under management exceed US$1.5 billion.”  -crunchbase.com

S. Daniel Abraham: Founder of Thompson Medical (Slim-Fast), Founder of S. Daniel Abraham Center For Middle East Peace

S. Daniel Abraham is the founder of Thompson Medical, famous for creating Slim-Fast.  He supports Jewish causes  in Florida and Israel.  Abraham made Thompson Medical private in 1988. Unilever later acquired Slim-Fast for $2.3 billion in 2000.  As of October 2016, Abraham had an estimated wealth of $2.1 billion.  He established The S Daniel Abraham Center For Middle East Peace in which the current president is former congressman Robert Wexler.  Wexler has previously been called “one of the most influential leaders in the American Jewish community”.  Wexler was one of two Congressmen who travelled to the International Court of Justice at The Hague – in opposition to the Palestinian case against Israel’s construction of a security barrier – or border wall, in other words.

Right To Rise (USA) Top 5 Donors

CV STARR & CO Inc.: Investment bank

C.V. Starr & Co is an investment bank founded by Cornelius Vander Starr, aka C.V. Starr, aka Neil Starr  (October 15, 1892 – December 20, 1968).  Starr was an American businessman and it is reported that he was an operative for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)[2].  He is best known for founding the American International Group (AIG), one of the biggest corporations in the world.  AIG accepted a government bailout after the 2008 financial crisis for the amount of $182.5 billion – The biggest bailout in history.

The OSS was the predecessor for the CIA.  The OSS was formed as an agency of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).  It was originally formed to coordinate espionage activities behind enemy lines for all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Other functions of the OSS included the use of propaganda, subversion, and post-war planning.

Maurice R. Greenberg is currently chairman and CEO of C.V. Starr & Co.  He is formerly chairman and CEO of AIG.  Greenberg was once named the most connected business executive in New York by New York Business.  He was alleged to have been forced from his position with AIG after a fraud claim by Elliot Spitzer.

“They knew which factories to burn, which bridges to blow up, which cargo ships could be sunk in good conscience. They had pothole counts for roads used for invasion and head counts for city blocks marked for incineration.”

“They weren’t just secret agents. They were secret insurance agents. These undercover underwriters gave their World War II spymasters access to a global industry that both bankrolled and, ultimately, helped bring down Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.”

“Newly declassified U.S. intelligence files tell the remarkable story of the ultra-secret Insurance Intelligence Unit, a component of the Office of Strategic Services, a forerunner of the CIA, and its elite counterintelligence branch X-2.”

Mark Fritz, LA Times Original article HERE.

Miguel “Mike” Fernandez

Mike Fernandez is the founder of MBF Healthcare Partners, a private equity firm in Coral Gables, Florida.  During the Republican primaries, Fernandez funded newspaper ads comparing Trump to Hitler, Mussolini, and Perón.

In 2014, MBF contributed $1 million to Rick Scott’s campaign in Florida.  Scott, a former chief executive of Columbia/HCA, was forced to resign in 1997, amid a controversy over the company’s business and Medicare billing practices.  Upon resignation, Scott was paid a settlement of $9.88 million and left with 10 million shares of stock worth over $350 million.  The case was settled at a reported cost of $2 billion to HCA in 2002. Thus, making it the largest fraud settlement in US history.

CBS SIXTY MINUTES reported out of 100 employees from HCA for-profit hospitals, most said this:

“relentlessly pressured its doctors to admit more and more patients—regardless of medical need—in order to raise revenues”

Sunday, CBS’ Sixty Minutes, video HERE

Jasper Reserves LLC: Affiliate company of Shell

Chris Cline is a mining entrepreneur and philanthropist.  He is the majority owner of privately held Foresight Reserves LP.  He has previously been called “The King Of Coal”.  Cline is considered responsible for reviving the Illinois coal industry. His company has more than three billion tons of coal reserves across Illinois and the Northern Appalachia.  As a prominent figure in the coal industry, it’s no surprise that he is not a supporter of the idea that climate change is due to carbon emissions.  It has been reported, Cline once lobbied his daughter’s school to distribute literature explaining alternative causes for climate change, such as sunspots – after hearing that the school showed students Al Gore’s famous movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Jasper Reserves LLC, an affiliate of major oil company Shell, was originally a “mystery donor” for Right To Rise.  Chris Cline later came forward as the so-called “mystery donor of $1 million to Jeb Bush’s Right To Rise PAC.

This type of transaction points to a loophole in the campaign finance system. By law, super-PACs can receive unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and other businesses, but they must regularly disclose their identities.

“Using a shell corporation that’s not easily traced to its creator is one way big donors can avoid the disclosure requirement.”

“In 2011, a super-PAC supporting Mitt Romney got $1 million from a company known as “W Spann LLC” that had been created shortly beforehand. Edward Conard, a former colleague of Romney’s at Bain Capital, eventually came forward as the mystery donor.”

– Bloomberg, original article HERE

Hushang Ansary:  Former Iranian Ambassador to the United States

Former Iranian ambassador to the US, former Head of NOIC and former Minister of Finance and Economy. He is the founder of parmen group – a Houston-based, privately held global investment enterprise with extensive interests in oilfield equipment manufacturing, leisure industries, International trade and real estate. In addition to being chairman of Parmen Group, he is also chairman of Stewart & Stevenson LLC – another manufacturer of specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Bernard Marcus: Philanthropist

  Bernard Marcus is co-founder of Home Depot.  As a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, he supported Stephen Bannon, former chairman of Brietbart News – a media organization known for extremely alt-far-right views related to white supremacy.  In a sworn court declaration after their divorce in 2007, Bannon’s ex-wife claimed he said:

‘didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews’

In response to numerous anti-semitic claims directed at Bannon, the Republican Jewish Coalition released a statement, written by Bernard Marcus.  In the statement, Marcus claims:

“I have known Steve to be a passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel who felt so strongly about this that he opened a Breitbart office in Israel to ensure that the true pro-Israel story would get out,”

– Bernard Marcus, Republican Jewish Coalition

  Furthermore, Steve Bannon, also an ex-Goldman Sachs banker, was once called the “most dangerous political operative in the US in 2015”  After serving as Chief Executive to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Bannon has now been appointed chief strategist and senior counselor to the Trump Administration.



   Karl Rove is former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush.  In a November 2004 speech, Bush publicly thanked Rove, calling him “the architect” of his victory over John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.  Many claimed the election favored Kerry, however, key votes from Ohio were allegedly not included, or voided during recounts.  
Rove also allegedly played a key roll in the federal prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman (Democrat).  In 2006, Siegelman was convicted on felony corruption charges and sentenced to seven years in prison.  More than 100 former attorneys general and officials, both Democrat and Republican, have contended that his prosecution was marred by misconduct, on behalf of the prosecution.
   On May 2, 2007, the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Attorney General Gonzales, ordering the Department of Justice to turn over all email from Rove regarding the “Dismissal of U.S. attorneys controversy” – no matter what email account Rove may have used, with a deadline of May 15, 2007.
On August 31, 2007, Karl Rove resigned without responding to the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena claiming:
“I just think it’s time to leave.”
Karl Rove, 2007 upon resignation of position after not responding to subpoena.
  On July 7 and July 30, 2009, Rove testified before the House Judiciary Committee regarding questions about the dismissal of seven U.S. Attorneys under the Bush Administration. Rove was also questioned regarding the federal prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, who was convicted of fraud. The Committee concluded that Rove had played a significant role in the attorney firings.

Action Now Initiative: Laura & John Arnold

Laura and John Arnold are billionaire philanthropists who started the Laura & John Arnold Foundation.  John Arnold is a former Enron trader who received an $8M bonus before the collapse of Enron and started a billion-dollar hedge fund.  The Laura and John Arnold Foundation states that it focuses on three main areas: criminal justice, education, and public accountability.  The foundation also funds the Nutrition Science Initiative in San Diego.

On July 1, 2013, the New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram and the foundation, launched a data driven risk management electronic system to assist employees of the Criminal Justice department in their decision making.  Milgram resigned from her position in 2009.  She is now founding head of the Criminal Justice Initiative at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

Ross McNutt, Founder of Persistent Surveillance Systems, created a drone with a camera attached, that can hover in the same position in the air for endless hours at a time.  Originally developed for use in the Iraq war, the drone-technology gives analysts a bird’s-eye view of the whole city and can track anyone’s movements.  Ross was trying to convince US police, in mostly high-crime areas, to adopt his technology but police wouldn’t pay for it.

Laura and John heard about this technology on a radio show and then offered McNutt to pay for the system’s use, provided that he could find a city willing to use it.  The initial contribution was $120,000.  This was paid privately, not through the foundation.  Ross got the Baltimore Police on board and they immediately put it to use.  The police, however, failed to inform anyone that they were using an aerial surveillance technology that literally watches every movement in the entire city.

Six months later, citizens were finally notified of the continued use of this technology by Baltimore Police, due to an article published by Bloomberg.  Approval for the use of the surveillance was not sought by Baltimore Police.  Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, claimed that she was also not aware or briefed about the deployment of the surveillance device in the city over the past six months.  Inresponse, Laura Arnold said this:

“trust local actors to make those decisions. We don’t say you have to do it one way or another.”

-Laura Arnold, Huffington Post, article HERE

The baltimore police have not had a good track record over the past few years, in regards to human rights.  One can see how this caused extra concerns from many upon finding out about the secret drone mass-surveillance.

This however, is not the only venture they are funding in Baltimore.  The Laura and John Arnold Foundation handed out $450,000 to the Johns Hopkins University in support of a an initiative aimed to give thousands of pairs of free glasses to public school students, to study that better vision will improve school performance.  During this very same time, an additional contribution to the aerial surveillance program was made in the tune of $240,000.  In a statement released in regards to the Baltimore Police aerial surveillance program, they said:

“We invest in a wide array of criminal justice issues and policies, including strategies for improving the clearance rate of criminal cases. One such strategy is to use technology to assist police in early-stage investigations,”

“To that end, we personally provided financial support for the aerial surveillance tool being piloted in Baltimore.  As a society, we should seek to understand whether these technologies yield significant benefits, while carefully weighing any such benefits against corresponding tradeoffs to privacy.”

Laura and John Arnold, statement

Additionally, John Arnold was allegedly involved in a PBS scandal in which it was reported he lobbied money to the TV station and funded the production and broadcasting of anti-pension ideologies, supporting policies such as refrain from additional taxation of the 1%, and scrapping pensions.  PBS’s own rules prohibit such corporate, political or ideological interests from funding programming that directly promotes a specific agenda.

It’s been reported that PBS was also subject to a similar situation back in 2005.  It involved Bush-installed chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting launching a secret probe of PBS programs that evaluated how loyal each show was to the Bush administration’s agenda.  Some of those shows were ultimately cancelled, and the watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) has documented PBS’s shift to news coverage favoring the right.

Sheldon Adelson:

Sheldon Adelson owns Israel Hayom, an Israeli national Hebrew language free daily newspaper with the largest daily circulation in the country.

  Adelson is the founder, chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  It is the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited, which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

It has been reported that he pushes his political views in his news publications in Israel, which tend to be extremely pro-Netanyahu.  It is also reported that the News company has contributed millions to Netanyahu’s campaign.

 Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman once called it “Pravda”, referring to a Russian daily newspaper, founded in 1912, and from 1918 to 1991 was the official voice of the Soviet Communist Party.

“a mouthpiece of one man.”

-Minister Naftali Bennett describing Israel Hayom, article HERE

Sheldon and his wife Miriam have supported Taglit-Birthright Israel – an organization which offers ten-day free trips to Israel to Jewish adults – donating more than $100 million to the organization since 2007. They have also contributed $25 million to a Jewish high school in Summerlin, Nevada.  Furthermore, they have donated $5 million to a Jewish elementary and middle school in Newton, Mass.

In the past, Adelson has denied ties to a senior Chinese official, alleged to have been his gambling empire’s “contact with Beijing”. The official was named several years earlier in a US congressional report as being a key player in illegal Chinese funding of US political campaigns.

Stephen A. Schwarzman:

Stephen Schwarzman is the chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group, a global private equity firm established in 1985 with former US Secretary of Commerce, Pete Peterson.  Forbes has ranked Schwarzman at 113th on its World’s Billionaires List in 2016.  Blackstone is known as the largest alternative investment firm in the world.

Schwarzman attended Yale University during the same time as George W. Bush, both fellow members of the Skull & Bones Society – an undergraduate senior secret society at the helm of many conspiracy theories on the internet.

In 2013, Blackstone agreed to pay $85 million to settle a class-action lawsuit in regards to a scrutinized IPO from 2007 in which the preliminary prospectus said the firm sought to book profits from private equity at the time an asset is bought—not when the assets are sold.  This was shortly before the financial crisis of 2008, of course, in which similar types transactions played a role.

Paul Elliot Singer:  Hedge Fund Manager

  Paul Elliott Singer is an American hedge fund manager,  and philanthropist.  His hedge fund, Elliott Management Corporation (EMC), specializes in distressed debt acquisitions.  Singer is also the founder and CEO of NML Capital Limited, a Cayman Islands-based offshore unit of Elliott Management Corporation. In 2016, Forbes rated Singer’s net worth as $2.2 billion.

In 2002, Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt. Singer, which owned Argentinian bonds with a nominal face value of $630 million – now worth $2.3 billion – refused to accept Argentina’s offer of less than 30 cents on the dollar.  Elliott won judgments against Argentina in U.S. and U.K. courts but did not collect payment.  They were to collect 101% interest on the debt.  In October 2012,  NML Capital, Singer’s other arm of EMC, arranged for the seizure in Ghana of the ARA Libertad, an Argentinian naval vessel.  EMC intended to confiscate the vessle in accordance with court judgments, awarding it over $1.6 billion in Argentinian assets in a 2012 New York trial ruling that ended in favor of NML and against Argentina.  This was called by some legal experts as the “sovereign debt trial of the century”.  Argentina was given until 29 March 2013 to submit a new plan of action.  Singer and EMC profited billions from Argentina’s debt crisis.    

Similarly, Singer has purchased sovereign debts from Congo, as well as Peru – profiting billions.

Singer has also provided funding to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.  He has written against raising taxes for the 1% and aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act – an act which imposed more regulations on financial institutions.

 “a pioneer in the business of buying up sovereign bonds on the cheap, and then going after countries for unpaid debts”

The Independant, original article HERE

Singer and EMC have defended their model as:

“a fight against charlatans who refuse to play by the market’s rules.”

-original article HERE

“Hedge fund manager Paul Singer’s hedge fund firm settled a fifteen year battle with the government of Argentina in 2016 over outstanding bond payments, earning his Elliott Management a check for $2.4 billion. Singer founded Elliott Management in 1977 with $1.3 million, and it has since grown to more than $28 billion in assets under management. Elliott is one of the country’s most successful hedge funds, having lost money in only two years since its inception.

-Forbes, original article HERE

Kenneth Griffin

Kenneth Griffin is a hedge fund manager, as well as, founder and CEO of the global investment firm Citadel.  Griffin got his first fund with $265,000, including money donated by his grandmother, and profited heavily from the 1987 stock market crash.  He founded Citadel in 1990.  The fund suffered setbacks in the recession in 2008, falling 35 per cent in one year, but has since rallied back.  It was later revealed that AIG paid Citadel taxpayer bailout money after the financial crisis, in a document you can view in full HERE.

As you can see, from everything presented, the Pharmaceutical companies and Financial institutions seem to have the most rooted “grasp” on influencing public policies.  My father once told me: “There are only two things in life you can not stop:  paying bills, and your eventual demise.”  Evidently, the financial and health sectors are very keen to this profound concept, it seems.  This, perhaps, is the most intelligent summary of modern human existence ever told.

With all of the political divide currently plaguing the nation, we need to take a step back and understand the real mechanics of our current society.  In our globalized economy, everyone is in this pot of boiling water together, whether you choose to acknowledge it – or not.  If 75% of the US population decided to orchestrate the next hippy movement and quit all jobs and stop generating income, the entire economy would collapse.  While this may sound great to anti-corporation type-folks, that kind of sudden halt in supply chains we take for granted, such as food, clean drinking water, and important medications, would be absolutely devastating to populations around the world.

Saving this for last, here are Donald Trump’s political contributions since 1989.  As you can see, he was very much in favor of the democratic agenda throughout the years.  Having made contributions to Federal, State, and Congressional democrats such as scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer.  Other notable democrats Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, and of course, Hillary Clinton.  He has also contributed to Lindsay Graham,a fellow republican, who Trump has had a public spout with during the campaign.


Chart from https://ballotpedia.org/History_of_Donald_Trump%27s_political_donations


Canada approves Enbridge’s largest pipeline in company history

How You’re Really Being Watched: Facebook, The Filter Bubble & Big Data

1485594518351written by: Adam Peach

The most recent article I wrote covers an internet hoax in which a man claimed individual people were “spying” on you in the name of “Facebook Security” and “Facebook Police”.  It was obviously not true and just paranoid ranting, but caused some severe harassment and cyber-bullying for a few people.

As mentioned near the end of that article, there are entities “watching you” on facebook and other platforms such as Google – just not in the way the false conspiracy claimed.

Facebook and Google use IP info and metadata to track what kind of links you’re clicking on, who you’re interacting with, what you’re searching for, and so on.  This data is gathered and stored and then used to create a “bubble” around you of things it “thinks” you’re interested in based on the data it has collected from you.  This is why there is no standard Google anymore – no 2 people on different devices will get the same search results when looking for the exact same search terms.  This is explained in great detail by Eli Pariser in his book “The Filter Bubble”.

Facebook in particular has grown to be the #1 source for news for most people today.  With 1.79 Billion active monthly users (as of January 2017), one can imagine the kind of power in social engineering it can have if information is being filtered from us.  Newspapers show all kinds of important stories on their front covers and within, not tailored to any specific person – but showing important events in the world for anyone interested to read it and form an opinion.  This makes us aware of issues outside of our daily “bubble” we live in.  By enforcing the “bubble”, Facebook and Google can filter what we see and prevent us from hearing about important issues that keep us aware of the world outside.

After the fiasco leading up to the US election in regards to the ongoing claims of a Russian Hacking, the battle wages on in terms of internet privacy, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of The Press.  I’m referring to “fake news”and why we shouldn’t allow anyone to take any kind of “authoritative” position on what defines that term in our behalf.

One fact here is that the so-called “hacking” was actually a leak – not a hacking.  It was a leaking of information from someone who had access to it (service provider, DNC insider, etc).  Julian Assange of Wikileaks said multiple times including in a recent interview that the source of the leaked information was “not a state” or anyone working for any government parties of Russia or anyone else.  That leaked information was uploaded by Wikileaks and it spread like wildfire!  Again, keep in mind that this was leaked information and leaked emails. These were real emails.  They were not fake.  And the people spoke.

By making this a “hacking” situation and blaming “fake news” as a factor in shifting the election, the entities pushing against our rights such as Freedom Of Speech and Freedom of The Press gain momentum in the battle.  Do you know what is really amazing about living in a democracy?  That people who don’t like what their government is doing can vote against it.  And they did.  Obviously, this wasn’t the only factor in the election.  For the purpose of this article, however, it is relevant.

Filtering news and information on Facebook, frankly, would be an act of social engineering.  Yes, it has been happening for years now but the debate has changed in the name of “fake news”.  People should have the option of seeing information and forming an opinion of their own – not have an “authoritative” entity or “focus group”.  3rd party entities or focus groups can be politically influenced the same as anything else and in the name of our rights we should speak out against this kind of filtering of information.

People can say very hateful, hurtful, damaging and threatening things and they should be reported and held accountable for what they say in whatever way necessary.  However, this is Freedom Of Speech.  Hate speech is damaging.  People who freely use it on social media should be held accountable for it.  But that doesn’t mean our rights have to be undermined.  Rights that give power to people in important times such as elections in a democracy such as the one we live.

Some people drive drunk.  It’s illegal and now socially unacceptable, but people will still do it.  Should we ban all people from having cars?  Absolutely not, that’s rediculous.  We hold the drunk drivers responsible and deal with them in accordance to the law.

The same should apply for the internet.  There has to be rules and guidelines but we also have to keep our rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of The Press.  Don’t like what someone posts?  Facebook allows you to make any specific post invisible to your news feed.  You can report a post and it will be taken down if it breaks the rules or is offensive, or hatespeech.  There are ways to deal with people who commit wrong-doing but we should not throw our rights away for that purpose.

Today, your computer, phone, television, gaming systems – even your car is on the internet.  Literally tons of data is being collected from basically everything we do in life.  Think about when you go to a popular location, such as a restaurant.  Google users will know that in a lot of cases you will get a notification on your device recognizing where you are and ask you something like “Take a picture to show friends you were here?”  Once you take a picture there and upload it, that data is stored called geotagging.  As mentioned above, your car is on the internet now as well.  Think about all of the wifi networks your car will be coming into contact with, geotag data being recorded same as a mobile phone.

This is where Big Data comes in.  Big data is a huge growing industry in which extreme amounts of data is harvested from users and used for analytics and marketing purposes.  It can also be used for healthcare purposes, fincances, and anything where analytic data is useful, really.  While there are amazing uses for Big Data, there is still the concept that everywhere you go and everything you do in life is being stored and analyzed.  An Unsettling concept, indeed.  Controlling the ads and content you see day to day based on where you go, where you shop, who you communicate with, what you do and what you search for.

Below, are some important videos relevant to this conversation.  They are not extremely long and shed light on these subjects.  I think we should all care about this.  This is an issue that affects all other issues.  Think about how Freedom of Speech on the internet has worked for activism in the past 10 years.  The power it has to spread information far and wide to others that would never know otherwise.  The internet is an amazing place as long as we are not confined into a small box when we log on.