Vladimir Putin announces that Russia won’t be competing in an arms race with the west

According to Russian President Putin, Russia won’t be engaging in an arms race with the west, and the military spending will be decreased as Russia “does not seek a role as the world gendarme.” Instead, they’ll stick to “smart decisions” in order to strengthen their defensive capabilities.

“Intelligence, brains, discipline and organization must be the cornerstones of the (Russian) military doctrine,” Putin said. He added that the last thing his country needs is an arms race which would “drain the economy,” which Moscow doesn’t want “in any scenario.”


Former Sanders campaign director running for congress in Iowa

Pete D’alessandro, who is Bernie Sanders former campaign director in Iowa, is now running for congress. Pete is Running for Iowas 3rd congressional district campaigning for; $15 minimum wage, Expand Medicare-for-all, tuition free college, lead on addressing the global climate crisis. He’s been endorsed by his local Our Revolution chapter & also the national group, Nurses United.

Learn more about Pete & how to support his campaign on his website at www.peteforiowa.com

War: Democrats vs. Greens

According to NBC News, two Senate committees have begun inquiring information from the 2016 presidential campaign of the Green Party Nominee; Jill Stein, which have been investigating Russian interference in the election. Jill Stein ran for the presidency in 2016 for the second time as the Green Party alternate choice for voters, and won over one million votes. Her candidacy, as well as the candidacy of other third-party candidates have been thrown under the bus by the Democratic Party establishment.

Let’s cut to the chase: the Democratic establishment (DNC) is a power-hungry institution who feels threatened by anything that isn’t themselves. Independent and self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders – for not unifying the party enough after the 2016 primaries. Jill Stein – the woman who “spoiled the vote” for Hillary Clinton. We need third-party candidates, we need progressiveness in America, but where do we start? First off, we don’t degrade and beat down men and women who wish to break the two-party cycle and run on platforms that yearn in their hearts and connect with many people.

Right now, it’s important to vote Democrat because we have a Republican majority in our federal government that needs to be stopped from pursuing a reactionary and regressive agenda. This political revolution isn’t over, and we know for sure that the DNC hasn’t learned its lesson from 2016… The way to a progressive nation is by taking steps, and a few of those steps involve voting blue.

The establishment of the Democratic Party is looking for more ways to show the American people that third-party candidates and organizations are not to be trusted. That they are willing to trade patriotic integrity to gain some seats in whatever level of government. That is not the case. Senators like Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, (and the list goes on) saw how effective Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. They saw how energized the populace became, how hopeful and inspired we all became. The DNC decided not to harness that energy, and instead pushed it away.

We need to show more conservative states, like Alabama, that Republicans aren’t for the working people. They want to make it harder for you to get health care, they want to make it more expensive for you to go to school, and want to eventually raise taxes on you because they can’t pay off their deficit from cutting taxes on the rich.

Alabama was given a hard choice; between an alleged pedophile or a civil prosecutor that stood by moral values of justice, equality, and integrity. More Americans need to be shown that many Republicans don’t have integrity. They aren’t for equality, and they aren’t for justice.

Republican state lawmakers have been accused of gerrymandering, drawing district lines in favor of where they could get mostly Republican constituents (in whatever state they have a majority in their state legislature). Time and time again, they do not deliver. They cannot justify a bloated military budget, they cannot justify these endless wars. Democrats… well… it’s not as bad. Yes, there are horrible Democratic candidates and current lawmakers, and there are some who aren’t so bad.

We need to stomach the Democrats that we are faced with right now. Next election cycle, we continue pushing for more progressive candidates. We use our energy, our grassroots organizing, our inspiration to defeat the establishment candidates that have been in office too long. This is where the wheels of democracy continue to turn in our favor. We use the two-party system to our advantage. We fight as hard as we can to elect progressive Democrats, we change the Democratic Party. We make it the party it was meant to be, a party for the working people of this country. As Elizabeth Warren puts it, we need a government that works for all of us, not just those at the top.

Sometime in the future, we will have people in office who will truly uphold the values set out by our founders for our constitutional republic. Leaders that actually listen to the people, will see that we want more choices. For over a hundred years we’ve been stuck with donkeys and elephants, with America being backed into a corner by their rear ends’. The DNC thinks it realizes we want change, but it doesn’t really know what the American people want. Jill Stein will most likely not run for President in 2020, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be other Green Party candidates. The establishment will continue to throw dirt and smear third-parties, and soon they will pay for doing so.

President Trump threatens to cut aid with UN States that vote against the US

US President Trump is threatening to cut off aid to UN member states that vote against the US at the UN General Assembly; on the issue of recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He said the US “could save billions” in the process.

President Trump went ahead with his declaration earlier this month, despite multiple warnings against doing so. “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care,” Trump said.

New York Times releases 2004 US Navy footage of a UFO (Video)

The New York Times has released video/audio footage of a US Navy Crew’s 2004 encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, or “UFO.” The audio depicts a baffled crew discussing the UFO that has appeared on their radar.

The Pentagon obtained and verified the footage before allowing its release as part of a multi million dollar project to investigate UFO sightings on Earth. In addition, a Navy Pilot who encountered a UFO said that he quote, “had no idea what I saw,” adding, “I think it was not from this world.” Finally, a former Pentagon Official who was involved in the UFO investigation project stated that he believes there is evidence of Alien life reaching Earth.

Chinese Air Force begins more military drills

The Chinese Air Force has started more military drills today, over the Sea of Japan, and around Taiwan. The Air Force said that fighter and bomber aircraft “flew along the Tsushima Strait separating South Korea from Japan, and over international waters”.

“The Sea of Japan is not Japan’s,” Chinese Air Force spokesman Shen Jinke said, adding that the drills are “lawful and reasonable”. China’s military said the exercises are routine and pre-planned.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said five Chinese military planes were spotted entering the Korean air defense identification zone, and that “fighter jets were scrambled in response”. The Chinese aircraft also flew through Japan’s air defense identification zone.

The Daily Ember: Episode 30

In this episode Patrick talks; about how after the FCC decided to repeal net neutrality Netflix took to Twitter to announce that this will be a long legal battle. How FCC is blocking a lawsuit investigation into net neutrality comment fraud. How the United States led coalition uses refugee camps in Syria to train a militants from IS and other terrorists groups. And finally how a woman with stage four cancer was thrown out of A town hall after asking GOP senator about healthcare.

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