Hawaii judge blocks latest travel ban

A United States federal judge from Hawaii has blocked the latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban which was set to effect eight different countries. Judge Derrick Watson said that the ban “plainly discriminates based on nationality”.

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Glass Steagall, The Complete Story

Approx running time: 1hr, 22 mins

Detailed history of the Glass Steagall Act (1930’s) which came into action after the economic crash of 1929.

The documentary also details the not-so-mentioned story of Prescott Bush funding Adolf Hitler’s campaign before his rise to power in the 1930’s.

Trump Assures Defense Support To Japan

(Photo: President Donald Trump & Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe)

1485594518351Adam Peach

In a recent meeting, Donald Trump signed off on an order that assures Japan will get defence support from the US military, which covers the disputed Senkaku Islands, claimed by China – where they are known as the Diaoyu.

The leaders have said they “oppose any unilateral action that seeks to undermine Japan’s administration of these islands” – comments that will most likely anger China.

This is edging away from a campaign promise Trump made to make Japan pay more for US security.

Last month President Trump threatened Japanese car manufacturer Toyota with a border tax, if it built a planned new factory in Mexico. The company later announced plans to add 400 jobs to a US plant.

Prime Minister Abe pledged Japan would help create US jobs, hoping to persuade Trump to turn down the heat on economic matters and stand by their alliance, instead.

He also made a pitch to the president for Japanese high-speed rail technology, claiming the latest system could cut travel time to one hour from Washington to New York – home of Trump Tower.

NEW YORK: Berning Media Silent March Against Corruption (JULY 8)

This is the New York Bering Media march against corruption event. It will be a silent march ending in occupying some space. We will be marching against the establishment politics that have made the middle class shrivel up & the 1% stay the same. This will be a silent march from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, point B with be the occupation location. Where we will sit with arms locked peacfuly with our signs & chants. The march will be silent, the occupation will have chants and have guest speakers.

What we are marching for:
– Equal Rights
– Justice System Reform
– Universal Healthcare
– No More Oil Wars
– Renewable Energy
– Investing in our future

If you are interested in helping organize/sponsor/ or be a guest speaker. Please messageour page or email us