A car has plowed into counter protesters, seriously injuring an unknown amount of people


Breaking: The US state of Virginia has declared a state of emergency amid large scale protests and clashes between White Nationalist groups and counter protestors. 

‚ÄčThe ‘Unite The Right’ rally was launched by Alt-Right figures online including known leader of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer. Amid use of swastikas, racist rhetoric, and more, US Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has decried the clashes, blasting what he calls, “vile bigotry.”   

Video via ABC News

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Syrian Army has gained full control of the central city of Homs Via The War Files

Via The War Files – The Syrian government announced that the Syrian Army has gained full control of the central city of Homs, after rebels surrendered the last district under their control. An estimated 700 rebels along with their families, nearly 3,000 people, were evacuated on buses from the al-Wair district. “The city of Homs is completely clear of weapons and militants,” provincial governor Talal Barazi said. Many of the rebels were on their way to the rebel-held Idlib province. Some were also heading to Jarablus, which is controlled by rebels backed by Turkey. The evacuation is apart of the Russian-brokered deal that was agreed earlier this year. Under the agreement, opposition fighters are granted safe passage with their weapons/families out of Homs to rebel-held areas in Syria. The Syrian government said that such “reconciliation deals,” which have been agreed in several rebel-held areas, are one of the key’s to ending the civil war. Opposition fighters continue to claim that they have been “coerced into such agreements by brutal sieges and bombardments.”
The War Files: